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Controlling your online reputation requires minimal time, effort

April 29, 2019
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VIDEO: Physicians must nurture the engaged patient

April 13, 2019
VIENNA — In this exclusive video from the International Liver Congress 2019, Wayne Eskridge, founder and CEO of the Fatty Liver Foundation, discusses the need for…
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Clinical guidelines from North American specialty societies often biased, have conflicts of interest

April 2, 2019
Clinical practice guidelines issued by specialty societies in North America often call for greater use of services associated to their own specialties, and at times…

Physician wages plateau, but pay gap narrows between men, women

March 27, 2019
Overall wages for U.S. physicians have plateaued, but the disparity in pay between men and women has narrowed slightly, according to a new report. Physician wages…
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The Development of the Theory of Planned Behavior and Health Belief Model Scales: Assessing Behavioral Determinants of Exercise-Related Injury Prevention Program Participation

Athletic Training and Sports Health Care, May/June 2019, Volume 11 Issue 3
To preliminarily develop scales to assess attitudes related to Exercise-Related Injury Prevention Program (ERIPP)…
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VIDEO: Expert identifies new ways to improve profitability

March 2, 2017
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