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Stresses on elbow during pitching may alter multiple structures

Stresses on elbow during pitching may alter multiple structures
October 12, 2015
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Hip internal rotation during skating deceleration likely cause of higher FAI rate in ice hockey goaltenders

September 23, 2015
According to recently published data, hip internal rotation during skating deceleration is likely the cause of femoroacetabular impingement being more common in ice…
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Knee joint biomechanics could be altered at time of return to play after ACL reconstruction

September 2, 2015
Researchers who conducted this study found greater knee movement asymmetries in the sagittal plane in patients with low quadriceps strength compared to patients with…
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Similar function seen between patients released to sport vs those not after ACL reconstruction

August 30, 2015
A comparison of patients released to return to activity after ACL reconstruction and those who were not found no link between clinical impairment measures used to…
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Caution in Clinical Interpretation of Near Point of Convergence: Influence of Time of Day on Oculomotor Function

Athletic Training and Sports Health Care
Online Advanced Release, September 11, 2019
To test whether near point of convergence (NPC) is stable across morning to night. Thirty healthy adults with an…
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Most anterior knee pain has a specific source, identifiable by careful examination

Orthopedics Today, February 2013
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