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Concussions have greater psychological impact in athletes with ADHD

August 22, 2018
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Youth sport superspecialization: A path to injuries, burnout

Orthopedics Today, June 2018
When it comes to youth sports, often it is all about “keeping up with the Joneses.” Young athletes are specializing in a single sport at earlier ages with…

How should the female athlete triad be addressed in adolescent female athletes?

Orthopedics Today, June 2018
Female athlete triad refers to the abnormal menses and affected bone health, such as increased risk of stress fractures and osteoporosis, that comes from an imbalance…
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Hydration, education are keys to avoid rhabdomyolysis after intensive exercise

May 23, 2018
According to sources who spoke with, orthopedic surgeons should discuss the importance of hydration and educate patients who enjoy intensive…
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Case Report

Atypical Tibial Tuberosity Fracture in an Adolescent

Orthopedics, June/July 2011, Volume 34 Issue 6
Avulsion fractures of the tibial tuberosity are typically sustained by adolescent males during sporting activities…
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Age, higher BMI result in higher risks after Achilles tendon injury

August 5, 2014
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