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Clinical tool developed to identify children with TBI at low-risk for ICU-level care

June 29, 2017

Investigators developed a clinical tool for determining which pediatric patients with mild traumatic brain injury were at low-risk for needing ICU-level intervention.

Researchers retrospectively reviewed 284 patients aged 16 years or younger with mild traumatic brain injury (TBI). They assessed covariates that included age, Glasgow Coma Scale score, pupillary response, CT characteristics and the Injury Severity Score. They determined significant predictors for model inclusion with stepwise logistic regression. They used binary recursive partitioning to derive the clinical decision rule.

NuVasive announces the launch of new spinal trauma porfolio

April 25, 2017
NuVasive Inc. announced the launch of the Reline trauma portfolio, which serves as the company’s foundation to address the approximate $100 million U.S. spine…

Carevature announces limited market launch of spinal decompression system

March 28, 2017
Carevature announced a limited market launch in the United States for its Dreal product line, which is designed to help surgeons achieve better outcomes in spinal…
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