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This feature offers timely executive summaries of the most relevant journals in spine surgery. Through peer “Perspectives,” full bibliographical information and links to the original journal abstract, In the Journals are a step wider and deeper than journal reviews health care professionals may be accustomed.

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‘Running medicine’ improves health

November 13, 2019
“Running medicine” events that combined several types of exercise and community-building events improved participants’ physical and…
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Spinal chondrosarcoma resection may lead to complications, reoperations

October 30, 2019
According to recently published results, spinal chondrosarcoma impacts quality of life and function. In addition, researchers found that after…
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High complication rate, superior HRQoL outcomes seen after surgical treatment of adult spinal deformity

October 28, 2019
According to results, patients with adult spinal deformity who were treated surgically compared with those who underwent nonoperative treatment had a…
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Two types of electrical stimulation therapy may enhance spinal fusion

October 11, 2019
A systematic review and meta-analysis found electrical stimulation therapies significantly increased spinal fusion rates in patients, according to a…
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‘Unexpected’: Physician burnout rate lower in rural areas

October 10, 2019
Family medicine doctors who practiced in rural areas were less likely to experience burnout than those who practiced in medium-sized and metropolitan…
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Up to $935B wasted in health care spending annually

October 7, 2019
The estimated cost of waste in the United States health care system ranged from $760 billion to $935 billion annually, or about 25% of total health…
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Adalimumab, IBI303 biosimilar demonstrate comparable safety, efficacy in AS

September 19, 2019
IBI303, a biosimilar to adalimumab developed by Chinese biopharmaceutical company Innovent Biologics, is comparable in safety and efficacy to the…
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Newly diagnosed cases of AS at increased risk for IMIDs, lower risk for RA

September 16, 2019
Newly diagnosed patients with ankylosing spondylitis in Taiwan demonstrate increased risks for multiple immune-mediated inflammatory diseases…
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More seasons of play in NFL linked with cognitive impairment, depression in former players

August 30, 2019
According to results, seasons of play and playing position in the National Football League are correlated with lasting neuropsychiatric health…
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ACR cautions against mandated biosimilar switching for AS, axSpA

August 22, 2019
Adults with active ankylosing spondylitis despite treatment with a first TNF-inhibitor, as well as those with stable disease receiving an originator…