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Zavation gains FDA clearance for interbody system

June 22, 2019

What imaging is best to diagnose the source of hip-spine pathology symptoms?

Orthopedics Today, June 2019
There has been recent interest in joint arthroplasty in terms of how spinal motion might influence component position in patients undergoing total hip arthroplasty. In…
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Surgeons should educate each other on the hip-spine connection

Orthopedics Today, June 2019
The belief that the spine moves independently of the pelvis and hip has been disproved in recent years as researchers repeatedly identified important connections between…
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Readmission rates for THA, TKA vs spinal procedures dropped after Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program

May 31, 2019
After implementation of the Affordable Care Act, readmission rates for all surgical procedures decreased, according to recently published results. In addition, with…
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