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Surgery can be effective for sacroiliac joint pain, but other solutions should also be explored

August 5, 2015
Surgery can be an effective option for treating sacroiliac joint pain certain patients; however, due to the difficulty of diagnosing the pain, as…

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C7 slope may be a useful marker of overall sagittal balance

August 3, 2015
A significant correlation between the upper and lower cervical spine exists, demonstrating inherent compensatory mechanisms to maintain overall…

Spine Pain Management receives final patent for Quad Video Halo

July 29, 2015
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a “Final Patent” to Spine Pain Management allowing all claims for its new video…

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Preoperative alignment of spine in sagittal plane does not affect JOA scores after laminotomy

July 28, 2015
Pain scores were unaffected by the preoperative alignment of the spine in the sagittal plane after microendoscopic laminotomy in patients with lumbar…

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Two metrics may improve quality of care for traumatic brain injury patients

July 28, 2015
According to the results of a recently published study, overall rates of patient safety indicators and hospital-acquired conditions can be indicative…

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Guidelines aid coding of hardware removal, hemi-laminectomy

Spine Surgery Today, July/August 2015
Kim Pollock, RN, MBA, CPC; Teri Romano, RN, MBA, CPC
In this edition of Spine Surgery Today, Teri Romano, RN, MBA, CPC, and Kim Pollock, RN, MBA, CPC, provide readers with more coding tips to answer…

Cervical cord MRI T2 hyperintensity may not affect return to play in contact athletes

Spine Surgery Today, July/August 2015
An MRI finding of T2 hyperintensity in the cervical spinal cord of professional athletes can be used as evidence of cord trauma, but it may not…

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Posterior cervical fusion associated with low reoperation rate

July 23, 2015
According to results in a recently published study, patients who underwent posterior cervical fusion were observed to have low reoperation rates…

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Aggressive management of acute odontoid fractures may be warranted

July 22, 2015
According to the findings of a recently published study, patients with acute odontoid fractures and severe atlantoaxial instability may be at a…

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Surgical intervention effective for spinal cord injuries without radiographic abnormality

July 17, 2015
According to results in a recently published study, adult patients with spinal cord injuries without radiographic abnormality with spondylosis…

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Surgical intervention for arachnoiditis ossificans may lead to poor outcomes

July 7, 2015
According to findings from a recently published case study, arachnoiditis ossificans is a relatively rare disorder with unclear etiologies that may…

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K2M launches new deformity spinal system in the U.S.

July 6, 2015
K2M Group Holdings recently announced the U.S. commercial launch of the MESA 2 Deformity Spinal System, a pedicle screw system designed to address…

Joimax launches new system to treat spinal stenosis

July 3, 2015
The Germany company, joimax, recently announced the launch of its new iLESSYS Delta system during the German Society of Neurosurgery Annual Meeting…

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Aesculap Implant Systems introduces new expandable cage technology

July 2, 2015
Aesculap Implant Systems has announced the introduction of the Modulift Vertebral Body Replacement, a new generation of expandable cage technology…

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After 1 year, majority of low back pain patients are not pain-free

July 1, 2015
Patients with low back pain who presented to chiropractors or general practitioners typically did not have complete relief from their pain after 1…

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Early imaging for back pain in older adults not associated with better outcomes

June 30, 2015
SAN FRANCISCO — Early imaging of older adults who visited their primary care physicians for new back pain may not lead to better treatment and…

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Facet effusion sign should not deter decompression for spondylolisthesis

June 29, 2015
According to results in a recently published study, effusion alone may not be an indication for adding fusion to decompression in the treatment of…

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Researchers analyze secondary diagnostic method for lumbar extraforaminal entrapment

June 22, 2015
According to results in a recently published study, determining differences in the foraminal spine nerve angle between the symptomatic and…

Study shows oblique MRI may aid precise lumbar foraminal stenosis diagnosis

Spine Surgery Today, May/June 2015
Investigators showed that diagnosis was improved in 56% of patients with lumbar radiculopathy when a new type of oblique MRI fast spin-echo scan of…

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Spinal tuberculosis may be treated surgically or with drugs

June 17, 2015
According to data from a recently published case study, treatment for latent or active tuberculosis of the spine can be surgical or drug-related…