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Key to improving low back pain is likely ability to measure it

November 12, 2015
PHILADELPHIA — The best way to find an effective treatment for low back pain is to find an effective and accurate method to measure low back…

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Laser interstitial thermotherapy may be a substitute for surgery in treating spinal metastasis

November 10, 2015
Early evidence shows spinal laser interstitial thermotherapy can provide local control, low mortality and improved outcomes in patients with a spinal…

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Motion study shows intrinsic mobility of artificial discs years after implantation

November 10, 2015
Cervical artificial disc replacement performed with the studied brand of prosthesis showed good cervical mobility when implanted and the prosthesis…

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Disc wedging below lowest instrumented vertebra remains stable at 2 years

November 6, 2015
A recently published retrospective chart and radiographic review showed disc wedging below the lowest instrumented vertebra, when compared with prone…

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Two-level, three-level ACCF for cervical spondylotic myelopathy offer similar results

November 2, 2015
Despite having a higher estimated blood loss, two-level anterior cervical corpectomy and fusion offers similar results in the treatment of cervical…

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Fat infiltration of paraspinal muscles can lead to back pain, structural abnormalities

October 20, 2015
According to the results of a recently published study, patients with fat infiltration of the paraspinal muscle can experience high-intensity low…

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Nexxt Spine announces development of new porous bioactive titanium material

October 15, 2015
Nexxt Spine LLC recently announced the development of NanoMatrixx, a new porous bioactive titanium material designed to be used in

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Increasing imaging rates driving up failed back surgery syndrome treatment costs

September 30, 2015
NEW ORLEANS — Imaging rates for failed back surgery syndrome patients have increased nearly 40% from 2000 to 2012, driving up health care costs…

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Posterior lumbar interbody fusion may be better treatment option for isthmic spondylolisthesis

September 25, 2015
Sagittal spinopelvic parameters of patients with spondylolisthesis change significantly after surgical treatment, so posterior lumbar interbody…

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X-ray in spine surgery: Strategies can prevent radiation from being the death of our patients

Spine Surgery Today, September/October 2015
David D Wong, MD
Minimally invasive spine surgery has changed the paradigm of radiation risk for the surgical team. Coincidentally, the requirement for more precise…

Early imaging for back pain in older adults not associated with better outcomes

Spine Surgery Today, September/October 2015
SAN FRANCISCO — Early imaging of older adults who visit their primary care physician for new back pain may not lead to better treatment and may…

5 items you need to read from August

September 16, 2015
Spine Surgery Today has put together a compilation of the five news stories and videos most viewed from August to keep you abreast of the current…

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Condoliase may prove effective in treating lumbar disc herniations

September 4, 2015
COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Condoliase, an enzyme that degrades glycosaminoglycans, was well-tolerated by patients who received it as a treatment for…

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Imaging may help determine frequency of osteoporosis in acute cervical fractures

August 27, 2015
According to recently published study findings, the use of opportunistic CT scans on patients with acute cervical fractures may help determine the…

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Race may have an impact on AIS spinal curve magnitude, surgery

August 26, 2015
According to the results of a recently published study, black patients with adolescent idiopathic scoliosis had great spinal curve magnitudes and…

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Expanded eggshell procedure, closing-opening technique may offer good outcomes for kyphosis

August 20, 2015
Recently published study findings demonstrated that an expanded eggshell procedure combined with the closing-opening technique for the treatment of…

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Open reduction followed by pedicle screw fixation may be good option for cervical facet dislocations

August 14, 2015
Good clinical and radiographic outcomes for subaxial cervical dislocations were achieved using a single posterior approach with open reduction and…

Titan Spine releases half year revenue report

August 13, 2015
Titan Spine, a medical device surface technology company, announced its revenue for the first half of 2015, reporting more than a 50% sales revenue…

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Results favor primary surgery for spinal dural arteriovenous fistulas

August 12, 2015
According to published study results, surgery appeared to be more effective than endovascular techniques to treat spinal dural arteriovenous…

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S2 alar iliac screws may lead to fewer complications in lumbopelvic fixation vs iliac bolts

August 11, 2015
Although S-2 alar-iliac screws and iliac bolts both improved fusion rates when used for lumbopelvic fixation, the S-2 alar-iliac screws led to less…