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Sports-related concussions linked to transient cardiovascular dysfunction

March 6, 2017
Results from this study of 23 recreational athletes indicated concussions were associated with disrupted autonomic cardiovascular control. Of the…

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Study identifies number of brain, spinal cord injury deaths among high school, college football players

January 19, 2017
In an analysis of data between 2005 to 2014, investigators found a yearly average of 2.8 deaths from traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries related…

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Early physical activity following concussion may reduce persistent symptoms in children, teens

January 17, 2017
Among children and adolescents who experienced an acute concussion, physical activity within 7 days of the injury was associated with reduced risk…

Neural Analytics receives $3 million NIH grant for portable brain-monitoring platform

January 11, 2017
Neural Analytics Inc. announced it has received a $3 million NIH grant for a clinical validation study to evaluate its portable brain-monitoring…

Active, targeted treatments may be more effective for concussion vs rest

December 29, 2016
Although standard management of concussion includes prescribed rest and progressive return to activity, a recently published special article on…

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'Return to learn' laws for children with concussions lacking, inconsistent nationwide

December 21, 2016
Data published in Pediatrics showed that “return to learn” guidelines have not been widely implemented nationwide to improve support…

More than half of NFL players returned to sport after surgery for upper-level cervical disc herniation

December 15, 2016
Investigators of this study found most National Football League athletes who underwent surgery for upper-level cervical disc herniations returned to…

Imaging study: Head impact exposure linked with brain changes in high school football players

December 14, 2016
Results from a study of high school football players who had no clinical evidence of concussion demonstrated exposure to head impact during one…

AMA adopts new policies to study CTE, other head injuries

November 18, 2016
Citing the quarter of a million Americans who experience concussions each year, the AMA implemented new policies it hopes will increase research on…

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Children with persistent postconcussion symptoms reported lower quality of life

November 17, 2016
Children with persistent symptoms for 12 weeks following a concussion demonstrated a lower health-related quality of life than children who

Study finds brain changes may still occur in youth football players exposed to sub-concussive impact

November 8, 2016
In a study of male participants who played a season of youth football, researchers found changes in the brain as evidenced by MRI, even though…

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Same day 'return to play' after concussion common among youth athletes

October 26, 2016
SAN FRANCISCO — Although concussion guidelines recommend removal from play following injury, 38% of youth athletes return to play same day…

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Speaker: Neurosurgeons can help usher in new era for TBI

September 27, 2016
SAN DIEGO — Neurosurgeons need to play a prominent role in traumatic brain injury research and treatment, according to a speaker at the…

Eagle Surgical Products exhibits anti-stick solution for electrosurgery

September 26, 2016
Eagle Surgical Products LLC will exhibit Electro Lube, its anti-stick solution for electrosurgery, at the Congress of Neurological Surgeons Annual…

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Concussion recovery twice as long if athlete not immediately removed

September 23, 2016
Concussion recovery times were twice as long if the athlete was not immediately removed from play, according to recent findings published in…

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Sharp rise in youth soccer injuries calls for greater prevention efforts

September 20, 2016
The increase in youth soccer-related injuries — particularly closed head injuries and concussions that have risen by an annual rate of almost…

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The CORE Institute opens sports neurology clinic in Michigan

September 19, 2016
The CORE Institute recently announced the opening of The Sports Neurology Clinic at The CORE Institute in Brighton, Mich. The clinic is led by sports…

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Stroller-, carrier-related injuries decrease, but require attention

September 19, 2016
Although they have declined, stroller- and carrier-related injuries in young children, particularly events when a child fell or the vehicle tipped…

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Pediatricians take front line in management of concussions

Infectious Diseases in Children, September 2016
In June, a joint study from the CDC and The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia identified an alarming trend in how the United States evaluates…

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ImPACT computerized tests for postconcussion assessments gain FDA marketing OK

August 24, 2016
The FDA recently approved the marketing of a pair of medical devices, including one intended for pediatric patients, designed to assess cognitive…