FDA: No dietary supplement can treat concussion symptoms

September 3, 2014
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is monitoring the marketplace and taking action against products that claim to be able to treat, cure or manage…

The top ten items to read regarding concussions

August 25, 2014
Spine Surgery Today has highlighted 10 important stories to keep your practice up-to-date regarding concussions.

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Abbott, Department of Defense to develop blood test for concussion evaluation

August 22, 2014
Abbott and the U.S. Department of Defense have announced a collaboration to develop portable blood tests that could help evaluate individuals with…

The top ten items to read regarding pediatric and adolescent sports medicine

August 21, 2014
Orthopedics Today has highlighted ten important stories to keep your practice up-to-date regarding sports medicine issues in younger patients.  

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Post-concussion assessment test shows reliability at multiple time points

August 21, 2014
A computerized neurocognitive assessment provided a reliable post-concussion test battery at 45 and 50 days after baseline assessment, according to…

Overlap of concussion, neck injury symptoms makes diagnosis difficult

August 20, 2014
Researchers have found that symptoms from concussions and neck injuries tend to overlap, which can make discerning between the two injuries…

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Injury rates in lacrosse differ by sex, athletic activity

July 28, 2014
Among high school athletes in the U.S., injury rates and patterns of injury vary by sex and type of athletic activity performed, according to a…

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No change in NFL athletes’ field performance seen before, after concussion

July 22, 2014
Study findings have shown no difference in National Football League players’ performance on the field after a concussion, regardless of whether…

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Post-concussion syndrome, PTSD hyperarousal dimension symptoms often overlap

July 22, 2014
Despite overlapping characteristics, persistent symptoms occurring 3 months after mild traumatic brain injury are not specific enough to be…

AAN position statement: Physicians must protect athletes from concussions

July 16, 2014
The American Academy of Neurology took a firm stance on the management of athletes who have suffered a concussion in a recent press release, in which…

New guidelines unveiled for lumbar spine fusion procedures

July 7, 2014
The Journal of Neurosurgery: Spine recently announced the publication of updated guidelines from the American Association of Neurological Surgeons /…

Concussions, trauma most prevalent injuries in youth hockey

July 7, 2014
Concussions and fractures, many of which require hospitalization and surgery, were found to be the most frequent injuries in youth hockey players…

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Increased helmet use in snow sports has not decreased fatalities

July 3, 2014
BOULDER, Colo. — Despite the widespread increase of helmet usage in snow sports throughout the U.S., the number of fatalities resulting from…

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Active recovery can help young athletes after concussion

June 30, 2014
BOULDER, Colo. — Contrary to previous practices in which young athletes with concussions completely discontinued all activities for 2 weeks, a…

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Concussion symptom severity does not predict delayed symptom resolution

June 27, 2014
Greater symptom severity at the time of injury does not predict delayed symptom resolution among children with a concussion, but severity is linked…

Chronic brain injury less prevalent than reported in retired NFL players

June 26, 2014
A cohort of retired NFL players was determined to have fewer instances of chronic brain injury than reported in previous studies, according to…

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Extreme sports accounted for millions of injuries in past 11 years

June 26, 2014
BOULDER, Colo. — Extreme sports have accounted for more than 4 million injuries in the past 11 years, with approximately 11% of those being…

No difference found in rate of blast-, nonblast-related concussions in military personnel

June 24, 2014
The most common cause of traumatic brain injuries in veterans returning from Iraq or Afghanistan is explosions, according to a press release from…

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Steve Tisch donates $10 million to UCLA for concussion research

June 13, 2014
Steve Tisch, co-owner of the New York Giants, has dedicated a $10 million donation to the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA for the BrainSPORT…

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High school athletes resist reporting concussions during games

May 23, 2014
High school athletes were reluctant to report concussion symptoms to coaches, according to results of this study, and team coaches have difficulty…