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VIDEO: Percutaneous posterior stabilization of L1 to L5, percutaneous L3 biopsy in a spinal metastasis

November 21, 2017

In this video from Open Operating Theatre, Jens Castein, MD, from the Center for Spinal Surgery and Neurotraumatology in Frankfurt, Germany, discussed how to perform a percutaneous posterior stabilization of L1 to L5, with microsurgical decompression of L3/4 and percutaneous L3 biopsy, in a spinal metastasis.

The patient was placed in the prone position and the pedicles L1- L5 were marked. Four small incisions were made, and Jamshidi needles were inserted into the pedicles L1, L2, L4 and L5 under anteroposterior fluoroscopy. Screws were placed and the precontoured rods and locking screws were inserted. A two-level fluoroscopy control showed correct position of the implants.

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