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FDA approves Voltaren Arthritis Pain for nonprescription, OTC use

February 17, 2020
The FDA has approved Voltaren Arthritis Pain for nonprescription, over-the-counter use, according to a press release. Voltaren (diclofenac sodium…


Pharmacies targeted as opioid lawsuit enters new phase

February 14, 2020
Pharmacies are front and center as the second phase of a multidistrict lawsuit over the opioid crisis begins, a law professor told Healio Primary…


Medication-assisted therapy via telemedicine shows promise

February 11, 2020
A Boston-based start-up company that offers patients medication-assisted therapy through telemedicine is trying remove some of the stigma associated…

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Just 1% of providers prescribed half of all opioid doses in 2017

January 29, 2020
In 2017, a mere 1% of providers were responsible for 49% of all opioid doses and 27% of opioid prescriptions in the United States, according to…

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Chronic idiopathic musculoskeletal pain diagnoses stem from pain history, not physical exam

January 22, 2020
The key elements that guide the diagnosis of chronic idiopathic musculoskeletal pain do not primarily come from physical exam, but from the…

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Physicians should counsel patients on safe use of cannabis edibles

January 20, 2020
Physicians need to better promote open discussions with patients who express interest in cannabis on their use of edibles, enable counseling on safe…

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ACA may have helped mitigate opioid epidemic

January 10, 2020
The Medicaid expansion under the Affordable Care Act was linked to a reduction in opioid overdose deaths, study findings in JAMA Network Open show. …


Kratom’s risk obscured by ‘soft data’

January 6, 2020
The FDA has repeatedly stated that kratom is dangerous, saying it can lead addiction and in some cases, death. However, some experts continue to…

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Automotive plant closures linked to 85% increase in opioid overdose mortality

December 30, 2019
Opioid overdose mortality rates among working-age adults increased 85% in manufacturing counties in the 5 years after an automotive assembly plant…

Celebrating the life of Calvin R. Brown, Jr., MD, rheumatologist and teacher

December 20, 2019
The rheumatology community lost clinician and educator Calvin R. Brown, MD, on Dec. 1, 2019. He was 66 years old. His final years were spent at the…


Podcasts driving a revolution in rheumatology medical education

December 6, 2019
When journalist Ben Hammersley coined the word “podcast” in 2004, he was attempting to put a name to the phenomenon resulting from the…


Physicians tapering patients off opioids can turn to HHS guide

November 20, 2019
A recent study suggests that less than a quarter of patients on chronic opioid therapy for noncancer pain are tapered off opioids, and another study…

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Pain, fatigue topped list of symptoms most important to patients with rheumatic disease

November 19, 2019
ATLANTA — A vast majority of patients with a cross-section of rheumatic diseases reported that pain, fatigue and mental health issues were…

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Opioid-related hospitalizations surge for rheumatic diseases, rise led by OA, fibromyalgia, RA

November 12, 2019
ATLANTA — The incidence of opioid-related hospitalizations among patients with musculoskeletal conditions increased markedly over the past 2…

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Nearly 40% of patients with rheumatic diseases use marijuana for pain relief

November 10, 2019
ATLANTA — More than one-third of patients with rheumatic diseases reported using marijuana to relieve pain with minimal guidance from their…


Money from opioid lawsuit settlements ‘will never be enough’ to manage crisis

October 30, 2019
Recently, two Ohio counties settled with opioid distributors AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal Health and McKesson for $215 million in cash just hours…

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Cancer, infection risk higher among patients treated with IL inhibitors

October 29, 2019
Rheumatology patients treated with interleukin inhibitors have an increased risk for serious infections, opportunistic infections and cancer…

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Chronic pain, depression link presents 'chicken or the egg' puzzle

October 17, 2019
SAN DIEGO — Although chronic pain impacts more than 100 million patients in the United States, contributing significantly to national medical…


Marijuana use during pregnancy: What clinicians need to know

October 14, 2019
CDC data show that 16.2% of pregnant women aged 18 to 44 years reported using marijuana nearly every day. These findings recently prompted U.S…

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Addressing arthritis pain without the opioids physicians 'love to hate'

October 3, 2019
SAN DIEGO — As the health care community moves away from opioids for pain management, a number of approaches may be set to fill the gap…