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Cover Story

Expect the unexpected during metal-on-metal hip revisions


How extensive should treatment be for asymptomatic adverse local tissue reaction associated with metal-on-metal hip implants?


Orthopedics Today celebrates 40 years of publication

Anthony A. Romeo, MD

Forward Thinking

College savings plans help save money for students’ higher education

David B. Mandell, JD, MBA; Sanjeev Bhatia, MD

In the Journals

3D-printed titanium implants may successfully treat foot, ankle pathologies

Arthroscopic side-to-side rotator cuff repair without fixation had higher re-tear rate

Meeting News

Cheilectomy yielded low revision, pain recurrence rates in patients with hallux rigidus

More resources used for physical therapy for adhesive capsulitis vs watchful waiting

Pre-TJA mind/body therapy improved postoperative patient-reported outcomes

Researchers discourage routine use of alpha defensin for clinical decision-making

Speaker: Reduced urinary, delirium issues are among benefits of early hip fracture surgery

Orthopedics Today Grand Rounds

50-year-old woman with ulnar-sided wrist pain

Alidad Ghiassi, MD; Haley Nakata, MD; Luke Nicholson,, MD, PhD; Mary Kate Erdman, MD

Surgical Technique

Replacement of degenerated cervical discs possible with shock-absorbing artificial disc

Andrew Z. Mo, MD; Fabien Bitan, MD

AAOS works with Congress to address surprise medical billing

New topics to be featured during annual Joint Replacement Awareness Day

Patient race, ethnicity may predict revision risk of ACL reconstruction