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ACR Calls on Trump Administration to Reverse Medicare Part D Formulary Change

Lost Productivity Costs High for SLE, Sjögren's, Systemic Sclerosis

CDC Guidelines May be Linked to Greater Declines in Opioid Prescribing

Chronic Pain May Contribute to Suicide Deaths

CMS Issues Guidance On Step Therapy for Part B drugs: The Good and Bad News

Michael C. Scheweitz, MD

Depression Accounts for Twofold Increase in Risk for Lupus

Disease Activity, Corticosteroids Raise Risk for Preterm Delivery in Pregnant Women With RA, JIA

Documentation to Justify Opioid Prescriptions Often Lacking

Transitional Care Improves Self-care, Quality of Life in Patients With Lupus

Long-term Opioid Therapy Management Does Not Usually Diminish Doctor-patient Trust

Less Than One-third of Reproductive-age Women With Rheumatic Disease Use Prescription Contraception

Patients With Multiple Prescribers More Likely to Seek 'High-risk' Prescriptions

Moderate Drinking Lessens Risk for Lupus Among Black Women

Older Men With Symptomatic, Radiographic Knee OA at Greater Risk for Injurious Falls

Physician Burnout May Lead to Suboptimal Patient Care

Patients With Systemic Sclerosis-SLE Overlap Younger At Diagnosis, Lack Skin Symptoms

Cover Story

Disappointed but Undaunted: Pursuing New Avenues in Lupus Drug Development

Drug Pipeline

Uptake of Filgrastim Biosimilars Spikes Among Medicare Beneficiaries

Blood Test for RA Biomarker Launched

Regeneron, Teva Announce Fasinumab Yielded Positive Results in Study of Knee, Hip OA

FDA Approves Cassipa for Medication-assisted Treatment of Opioid Dependence

FDA Approves Actemra Subcutaneous Injection for Active Systemic JIA


Lupus: A Look Back at the Discovery of the Original Diagnostic Biomarker

Leonard H. Calabrese, DO


Hospital Execs’ Salaries Nearly Doubled as Physician Increases Lag Behind

In the Journals

Aortic, Renal Involvement More Frequent Among Children With Takayasu Arteritis

Body Composition-based Obesity, Sarcopenic Obesity Linked to Knee OA Risk

Hip Injury, 'Giving Way' Linked to Pain Exacerbation in OA

Early DMARD Use Linked to Improved JIA Control, Outcomes

Meeting News

Misdiagnosed Septic Arthritis in Gout Increases Joint Damage, Fatality Risk

Nurses can Follow 'Subtle Signs' to Prevent Infusion Reactions

Patients With Prior Kawasaki’s Disease Need to Plan Pregnancies Carefully

Psoriasis With Less Than 10% Body Surface Area Can Still be Severe

Salivary Gland Ultrasound Predictive in More Severe Sjögren's Cases

Bridging the Treatment Gap Between Pediatric, Adult Rheumatology Care

Staff Buy-in, Input Needed to Curb Opioid Prescribing at Outpatient Clinics

Methotrexate Standing Orders Boost Nurse Autonomy, Reduce Physician Workload


Onsite With Temple University Hospital: A Rheumatology ‘Safety Net’ For Region’s Poorest

Trend Watch

Infliximab Biosimilar 'Only Moderately' Cheaper vs. Biologic Under Medicare Part D

Osteoporosis Linked to Higher Risk for Dementia

Pain the Main Driver of Health Care Use in OA

Drug Prices Rise Twice as Fast During Shortages

ACR Report Card: Majority of States Score 'C' for Rheumatology Care