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Only Half of Patients With Gout Adhere to Urate-lowering Therapy

Patients With Early-onset Gout Develop More Severe Joint Symptoms

Depression Linked to Increased Axial Spondyloarthritis Disease Activity

Gout Linked to Increased Risk for Erectile Dysfunction

Obesity, Hypertension, Diuretic Use Each Double Risk for Gout

Genetic Polymorphisms Directly Influence Gout Risk Regardless of Coffee Intake

CDC: Opioid Use Disorder Rate Quadruples Among Pregnant Women

Trump Administration’s Affordable Insurance Plans are ‘Junk’ Says Medical Ethicist

US Opioid Use Remained High Through 2016

A Diagnosis Divided

Cover Story

The Virtual Doctor is In: Advancing Care Through Tele-Rheumatology


Closing the Patient-Provider Gap: The Rise of Relationship-centered Care

Leonard H. Calabrese, DO

Education Lab

Ace the Case: A 55-Year-Old Man With RA and Increasing Joint Symptoms After Methotrexate Use


Rheumatologists Define New Role Amid Opioid Epidemic

Misconceptions Impede Family Planning in Women with Rheumatic Diseases

Guest Editorial

Biosimilars Safe, Effective Alternatives to Originator Biologics


MARAJIA Experts Offer Recommendations for Methotrexate Treatment in JIA

HHS-funded Website Shutdown Prompts Guideline Concerns

Standard of Care Recommended for SLE, Musculoskeletal Symptoms

In the Journals

Knee Hypermobility Linked to Talonavicular OA

More Than One-third of Patients Disagree With Physician on RA Remission

Mobile Apps for Patients With RA Lack Educational, Symptom Management Features

Low Motivation a Barrier to Vigorous Cardiorespiratory Training for Axial SpA Patients

Women With Obesity, Higher Body Fat at Greater Risk for RA

Most Tocilizumab-treated Patients With Polyarticular-course JIA Increased in Height

Poor Prognostic Factors do not Predict DMARD Use in RA

Pre-appointment Consults Effectively Triage Patients With Rheumatic Disease

Stroke Risk Doubled Among Patients With Idiopathic Inflammatory Myopathies

MRI Superior to Radiograph in Evaluating Children for Sacroiliitis

Nearly 20% of Patients With Psoriasis Also Have Psoriatic Arthritis

Nearly Half of Female Hydroxychloroquine Users in UK Excess-dosed

Multimorbidity Most Significant Risk Factor for Polypharmacy in Older Patients

Genetic Biomarker Linked to RA Disease Severity may Guide Targeted Therapies

Only 30% of RA Patients Report Dietary Supplement Use to Physicians

Childhood Secondhand Smoke Exposure may Increase Adult RA Risk

Initial RA Treatments for Men More Aggressive Than for Women

Imaging Reveals Newly Diagnosed SLE Involves Cardiac Impairment

Meeting News

Ankylosing Spondylitis Often Misdiagnosed Among Young Patients

Rheumatology Nurses Key to Dispelling Misinformation Over Off-label Therapies

Prior Authorization, Step Therapy Can ‘Freeze Time’ for Patients

Rheumatology Nurses Should Discuss Sexual Health Issues With Patients

Former Disney Exec Stresses Patient Experience as ‘Gaping Hole’ in Health Care

Vigilance Needed in Screening Juvenile Patients for Uveitis

Training, Trust in APCs may Forestall Workforce Shortage

Education, Patience Key to Guide Biosimilar-hesitant Patients Through Transition


American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association: 'Small but Mighty' Voice for Awareness

Trend Watch

Link Between Cancer Risk, TNF Inhibitor Use 'Cannot be Ruled Out'

FDA Warns 21 More Websites to Stop Marketing Illegal Opioids

Obesity, Smoking, Physical Workload Increase Risk for Lower Back Pain

Primary Care Consultation Rates Higher in 2 Years Prior to RA Diagnosis

ACR President Discusses Step Therapy Concerns With HHS Secretary