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Schizophrenia, antipsychotics individually increase risk for diabetes

February 1, 2017
Schizophrenia was associated with a significantly increased risk for diabetes, which further increased with use of first- and second-generation…
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Prolonged sitting time associated with obesity in men

January 16, 2017
A total physical activity plan starting with reducing sitting time can help combat obesity and its health effects in men, according to findings…
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Addressing unmet resource needs may improve cardiometabolic management

December 13, 2016
Patients who screened positive for unmet basic resource needs and were enrolled in a program to address those needs showed statistically significant…

USPSTF revising guidelines on youth obesity screening and intervention

November 2, 2016
Children and adolescents 6 years of age or older who underwent screening for obesity and were recommended for lifestyle-based weight loss…

Be accurate, thorough when coding patient visits

October 21, 2016
LAS VEGAS — Medical professionals should not shy away from using more than one correct Z code to describe a patient visit, according to a…

Healthful, unique dietary patterns help prevent, treat insulin resistance

October 20, 2016
LAS VEGAS – Though the risk for insulin resistance and associated conditions can be decreased with healthy dietary patterns, what works for one…
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Consider long-acting contraceptives for all women of reproductive age and at cardiometabolic risk

October 16, 2016
LAS VEGAS — Long-acting reversible contraceptives are the recommended option for women and adolescents with cardiometabolic risk, according to…
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Embrace food as an 'integral part of medicine' to shift focus from intervention to prevention

October 16, 2016
LAS VEGAS — Culinary medicine, a new and still-evolving area of medicine, has the potential to reduce the prevalence of various diseases and…
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Pain is likely comorbid, co-contributory to negative CV outcomes

October 15, 2016
LAS VEGAS — Determine what type of pain a patient has, what the pain is trying to signal and then consider a multimodal approach as it…
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For most cancer survivors, preventative CVD treatment, surveillance needed

October 15, 2016
LAS VEGAS — It is important for primary care doctors to understand the cardiovascular disease risks for cancer survivors and how to monitor…