HHS proposed rule expands reimbursement for living kidney donors

December 20, 2019
In keeping with the executive order Advancing American Kidney Health, HHS has released a proposed rule intended to reduce financial barriers to…
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Uninsured, Medicaid patients more likely to receive dialysis at non-profit, independent facilities

December 19, 2019
Recently published research indicates patients who are either uninsured or who receive Medicaid — referred to as being “safety-net…

Senate passes legislation to repeal medical device tax

December 19, 2019
The U.S. Senate passed legislation that includes a full repeal of the medical device tax — a 2.3% tax on a range of medical devices and…

ACA’s individual mandate ruled unconstitutional, case sent back to district court

December 19, 2019
On Wednesday, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals announced that it agreed with a district court that the Affordable Care Act’s individual…

HHS proposed rule adds new performance measures for organ procurement

December 19, 2019
HHS has released a proposed rule that sets new performance measures for organ procurement organizations in the United States. The changes are part of…

HHS unveils plan to allow states to import drugs from Canada

December 18, 2019
Today, HHS officials announced that they are seeking public input on two broad strategies that would, for the first time, allow “safe and…
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News about Trump negatively impacts medical interns’ moods

December 10, 2019
Heavy workloads, medical errors and sleep deprivation are recognized factors that can affect the mental health of training physicians. Recently…

Proposed legislation to lower drug prices: What clinicians need to know

December 9, 2019
Several bills have been introduced recently to reduce the high cost of prescription drugs. “Despite partisan gridlock in Washington, both…

Some experts, lawmakers concerned about Hahn’s agenda as FDA commissioner

December 3, 2019
In an 18 to 5 vote earlier today, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee sent the nomination of Stephen M. Hahn

Nephrology codes stable for 2020, but CMS makes payment changes for AKI, incentive program

December 3, 2019
Nephrology practices will not see much difference in outpatient dialysis payments from Medicare in 2020, but changes to the program’s…