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Pregnant smokers who quit early may reduce risk for preterm birth vs later quitters

April 22, 2019
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Medicaid could save $2.6 billion if 1% of smokers quit

April 17, 2019
A slight reduction in absolute smoking prevalence in the United States would result in “substantial” Medicaid savings the following year, according to…
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E-cigarettes have uncertain role for smoking cessation

April 15, 2019
PHILADELPHIA — The role e-cigarettes play on tobacco dependence, the morbidity and potentially mortality from tobacco is “unclear,” a speaker said at…
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‘Modern’ approach to smoking cessation may increase chances of success

April 13, 2019
PHILADELPHIA — An approach to smoking cessation that treats nicotine addiction as a medical condition that must be controlled is usually more effective than other…
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Use of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems Among Adolescents: Status of the Evidence and Public Health Recommendations

Pediatric Annals, February 2017, Volume 46 Issue 2
Although the prevalence of tobacco smoking has been declining in recent years, the use of electronic nicotine delivery…
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VIDEO: Leone: FDA regulating e-cigarettes reduces ‘potential for harm;’ ACP applauds decision

May 7, 2016
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