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Primary care physicians, sleep specialists equally manage OSA

Primary care physicians, sleep specialists equally manage OSA
January 29, 2018
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Insomnia increases risk for type 2 diabetes

August 31, 2017
Taiwanese adults diagnosed with insomnia have a 16% greater risk for developing type 2 diabetes over 9 years compared with those reporting adequate sleep, and the risk…
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Sleep-disordered breathing linked to cognitive impairment

August 28, 2017
Sleep-disordered breathing, or SDB, was associated with a higher risk for cognitive impairment and a slight worsening in executive function, according to findings…
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Obstructive sleep apnea may cause abnormal glycemic variability

August 25, 2017
Adults with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome may have abnormal glycemic variability compared with their healthy counterparts, which may suggest a need for its earlier…
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Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea in High-Risk Populations: Clinical Implications

Pediatric Annals, September 2017, Volume 46 Issue 9
This article has been amended to include factual corrections. To read the erratum, click here. The online article and…
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VIDEO: CHEST president discusses sleep apnea, commercial driving

November 18, 2015
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