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Global trends emerge in chronic respiratory disease mortality, disability

February 21, 2020
A study recently published in The BMJ suggests that the number of total deaths worldwide due to chronic respiratory diseases has increased during…

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A Löfty diagnosis amid shades of sarcoidosis

January 31, 2020
The “black sheep” in a family of already unusual diseases, Löfgren syndrome presents acutely unlike the subtle onset and gradual disease…

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Repository corticotropin injections viable option in advanced sarcoidosis

December 17, 2019
Repository corticotropin injections demonstrated viability as an intervention for patients with advanced symptomatic sarcoidosis, with 95% of…

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Lung allocation score may not predict transplant list death in advanced pulmonary sarcoidosis

September 19, 2019
New data from a single-center study indicate that not only was the rate of mortality high among patients with advanced pulmonary sarcoidosis who were…

Top pulmonology news from June: Updates on IPF therapy, sleep apnea pharmacology, water pipe risks and more

July 2, 2019
Healio Pulmonology has you covered. The Editors have compiled a list of the most-popular articles posted on Healio Pulmonology in June. See below for…

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Sarcoidosis diagnosed in older patients linked to worse outcomes

June 18, 2019
In a new study, sarcoidosis appeared to require a high index of suspicion in elderly patients because older patients with pulmonary sarcoidosis…

Top pulmonology news from May: Updates in ARDS, inhaled therapy for cystic fibrosis, azithromycin for COPD

June 3, 2019
Healio Pulmonology has you covered. The Editors have compiled a list of the most-popular articles posted on Healio Pulmonology in May. See below for…

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Symptomatic sarcoidosis more likely to require treatment

May 13, 2019
New data suggest that patients with symptomatic sarcoidosis are more likely to require treatment, have a greater number of organs involved in their…

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Less than one-third of reproductive-age women with rheumatic disease use prescription contraception

August 28, 2018
Just 32.1% of reproductive-age women with rheumatic diseases use any kind of prescription contraception, while at the same time more than 70% use at…

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Majority of top Acthar Gel prescribers received manufacturer payments

June 29, 2018
Among rheumatologists, nephrologists and neurologists who issued more than 10 prescriptions for corticotropin in 2015, 88% received payments from its…

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Age, lack of cardiac device predicts mortality for cardiac sarcoidosis

October 17, 2016
Significant, independent predictors of mortality for patients with cardiac sarcoidosis include age of 46 years or older and lack of an implanted…

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Higher mortality risk observed in women with sarcoidosis exposure at work

March 15, 2016
Occupational exposure to sarcoidosis appears to carry a higher risk for women than men, with the highest risks observed among black women in…

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Age, race affect sarcoidosis incidence in women

November 27, 2015
Several factors — including age, race and geographic region of residence — appeared to influence a woman’s risk for sarcoidosis…

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Relatives, spouses of celiac disease patients at risk for autoimmune disease

July 7, 2015
A recent study found first-degree relatives and spouses of individuals with celiac disease have increased risk for nonceliac autoimmune diseases…

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Obesity, weight gain in black women linked with increased sarcoidosis risk

April 15, 2015
Weight gain and obesity in black women aged 21 to 69 years was linked with an increased risk for sarcoidosis, according to study results. Yvette C

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Sarcoidosis, polyarthritis prevalent in FDNY firefighters after WTC exposure

February 10, 2015
Sarcoidosis and polyarthritis were found to be prevalent in firefighters from New York City who worked at the World Trade Center after Sept. 11…

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