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Global trends emerge in chronic respiratory disease mortality, disability

February 21, 2020
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A Löfty diagnosis amid shades of sarcoidosis

January 31, 2020
The “black sheep” in a family of already unusual diseases, Löfgren syndrome presents acutely unlike the subtle onset and gradual disease progression…
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Repository corticotropin injections viable option in advanced sarcoidosis

December 17, 2019
Repository corticotropin injections demonstrated viability as an intervention for patients with advanced symptomatic sarcoidosis, with 95% of individuals in a recent…
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Lung allocation score may not predict transplant list death in advanced pulmonary sarcoidosis

September 19, 2019
New data from a single-center study indicate that not only was the rate of mortality high among patients with advanced pulmonary sarcoidosis who were awaiting lung…
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Asthma in Children: A Brief Review for Primary Care Providers

Pediatric Annals, March 2019, Volume 48 Issue 3
Pediatric asthma is a common chronic condition with wide-ranging implications for children's health, their families…
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VIDEO: Transparency improves patient care, builds just culture

April 17, 2019
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