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Six updates for World Pneumonia Day

November 12, 2019
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Study identifies markers for pneumonia complications

November 11, 2019
Researchers have found three microRNAs that may predict respiratory failure and sepsis among patients with community-acquired pneumonia. Francisco
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Prophylactic antibiotics decrease ventilator-associated pneumonia risk after cardiac arrest

November 7, 2019
A 2-day course of prophylactic antibiotic therapy lowered the incidence of early ventilator-associated pneumonia among patients treated with target temperature…

Associations urge flu vaccinations to prevent diabetes, CV complications

October 26, 2019
The American Diabetes Association, the American Lung Association and the American Heart Association are working together to urge adults living with chronic diseases to…
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Focus on Methods

Pneumonia Identification Using Nursing Home Records

Research in Gerontological Nursing, May/June 2016, Volume 9 Issue 3
Pneumonia is a leading cause of death among nursing home residents; consequently, prevention and treatment are…
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MRSA ventilator-associated pneumonia: Myth or reality?

Infectious Disease News, November 2017
Burke Cunha, MD, MACP
In intubated adult ICU patients, the diagnosis of MRSA ventilator-associated pneumonia, or VAP, is based on…
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VIDEO: Ipsen presentations spotlight cabozantinib’s potential in hepatocellular carcinoma, gastrointestinal stromal tumor

June 14, 2019
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