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Occupational exposure to disinfectants may raise COPD risk

October 18, 2019
New data published in JAMA Network Open showed that the risk for COPD incidence was higher among nurses who regularly performed cleaning and…

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CHEST 2019: Innovation in education

October 18, 2019
This year’s CHEST Annual Meeting, which is being held from Saturday to Wednesday in New Orleans, will feature presentations of new research…

Top pulmonology news from September: Updates on vaping-related lung injuries, COPD treatment, sleep medicine

October 14, 2019
Healio Pulmonology has you covered. The Editors have compiled a list of the most popular articles posted on Healio Pulmonology in September.

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Adjusted NEWS2 tool reduces alert frequency for patients admitted with COPD exacerbations

October 8, 2019
Using the National Early Warning Score 2 with an adjusted target saturation among patients admitted to the hospital for COPD exacerbations reduces…

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‘Smart shirt’ shows potential to monitor lung disease

October 7, 2019
A “smart shirt,” which gauges the volume of air inhaled and exhaled based on how the wearer’s chest expands and contracts, may…

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Triple therapy fails to win FDA approval for COPD

October 1, 2019
The FDA has issued a complete response letter regarding the new drug application for PT010 — an inhaled triple-combination therapy — for…

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Young adults with chronic diseases report more daily marijuana use

September 30, 2019
Patients with medical conditions are more likely to use marijuana than those without, with 11.2% of young adults living with chronic disease using it…

World Lung Day 2019: A focus on universal health coverage

September 25, 2019
Today marks World Lung Day, and this year’s theme is “healthy lungs for all.” To raise awareness, medical societies, advocacy…


Q&A: Promise of C-reactive protein testing in COPD

September 16, 2019
Antibiotic prescribing in primary care practice for patients with COPD exacerbations is generally based on clinical features only, which are…

Top pulmonology news from August: Updates on vaping-related lung disease, asthma treatments, critical care

September 3, 2019
Healio Pulmonology has you covered. The Editors have compiled a list of the most-popular articles posted on Healio Pulmonology in August. See below…

ETHOS: Fixed triple-combination therapy reduces COPD exacerbations

August 29, 2019
New data from the ETHOS trial showed that triple-combination therapy with budesonide, glycopyrronium and formoterol at two different budesonide doses…

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Targeted lung denervation safely reduces respiratory events in COPD

August 19, 2019
Among patients with COPD, targeted lung denervation in addition to optimal pharmacotherapy, as compared with pharmacotherapy alone, was associated…

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Health literacy, cognitive ability may affect COPD self-management behaviors

August 16, 2019
Limited health literacy and fluid cognitive ability deficits are associated with lower adherence to self-management behaviors in patients with COPD…

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Osteoporosis prevalent in patients with COPD

August 9, 2019
More than one-third of patients with COPD worldwide may have osteoporosis, according to a systematic review and meta-analysis published in…

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COPD treatment patterns changing over time

August 5, 2019
New data from the COLIBRI-COPD French cohort demonstrate a significant shift in physician prescribing patterns for COPD therapy during the past 6…

Top pulmonology news from July: FDA updates, antibiotics in cystic fibrosis, treatment of COPD exacerbations

August 2, 2019
Healio Pulmonology has you covered. The Editors have compiled a list of the most-popular articles posted on Healio Pulmonology in July. See below for…

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Pulmonary rehabilitation mitigates depression, anxiety symptoms in COPD

July 26, 2019
Pulmonary rehabilitation significantly improves symptoms of depression and anxiety in patients with COPD, according to a study. The systematic…

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C-reactive protein testing safely reduces antibiotic use for COPD exacerbations

July 11, 2019
The use of point-of-care testing for C-reactive protein to guide treatment lessened the use of antibiotics for COPD exacerbations without worsening…

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Air pollution reduces lung function, increases risk for COPD

July 9, 2019
Air pollution appears to be associated with reduced lung function and an increased risk for COPD, especially among people with lower incomes, new…

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Long-acting bronchodilator combination may be preferred for preventing COPD exacerbations

July 8, 2019
Among patients with COPD, combination treatment with a long-acting beta agonist plus a long-acting muscarinic antagonist was as effective as…

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