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Nebulized normal saline may serve as active treatment in acute viral bronchiolitis

January 8, 2020
A recent meta-analysis published in JAMA Pediatrics suggests that nebulized normal saline may be considered an active treatment as opposed to a…

Associations urge flu vaccinations to prevent diabetes, CV complications

October 26, 2019
The American Diabetes Association, the American Lung Association and the American Heart Association are working together to urge adults living with…

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Bacterial load may predict response to inhaled antibiotics in bronchiectasis

July 10, 2019
Among patients with bronchiectasis, inhaled antibiotics improved quality of life only in those with high bacterial load, according to data published…

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Occupational hazards may account for range of lung diseases

June 21, 2019
Occupational hazards, which include inhaling vapors, gas, dust or fumes at work, may be responsible for a number of noncancerous lung diseases…

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Cough-sound analyzer app shows potential as diagnostic tool for pediatric respiratory diseases

June 13, 2019
A novel automated cough-sound analyzer technology incorporated in a smartphone app shows potential as a high-level diagnostic aid in the assessment…

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High-flow oxygen effective treatment for bronchiolitis in infants

April 11, 2018
Infants with bronchiolitis who are treated with high-flow oxygen therapy are less likely to require increased care when compared with infants who

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Follow-up visits after bronchiolitis provide reassurance for families

February 14, 2018
Follow-up visits scheduled for younger children who had been hospitalized for bronchiolitis offered reassurance for families, according to recently…

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Long-term interventions needed to reduce inappropriate antibiotic prescribing

October 11, 2017
Inappropriate antibiotic prescribing rates increased 12 months after behavioral interventions stopped when compared with control practices…

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Secondhand smoke increases inflammation risk in infants with RSV

October 10, 2017
SAN DIEGO — Exposing infants with respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis to secondhand smoke increases their risk of inflammation, while…

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Antibiotics commonly overprescribed in elderly population

May 9, 2017
Despite clinical guidelines advising against the practice, nearly half of elderly patients presenting to a PCP for a nonbacterial acute upper…

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RSV vaccine development theory includes three approaches to treatment

November 28, 2016
NEW YORK — Revolutionary developments toward respiratory syncytial virus prevention and vaccination plans, such as inhibiting RNA, targeting…

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ICU admissions, ventilation occur without immunoprophylaxis for RSV

October 28, 2016
NEW ORLEANS – Premature infants born at 29 to 35 weeks’ gestational aged younger than 3 months were frequently admitted to the ICU and

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FDA awards 21 grants for orphan drugs

October 18, 2016
The FDA has awarded 21 clinical research grants for orphan drugs, encompassing more than $23 million during the course of the next 4 years, to…

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Improved air quality decreases symptoms of bronchitis

May 11, 2016
Patients with and without asthma showed significant decreases in symptoms of bronchitis when exposed to lower concentrations of ozone, nitrogen…

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Hospital factors associated with increased LOS, costs for infants with bronchiolitis

May 2, 2016
BALTIMORE — Location-teaching status and region were linked to an increased length of stay and cost for infants hospitalized with…

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Mucus plugs in CF patients may resemble plastic bronchitis

April 7, 2016
Symptoms of Scedosporium apiospermum colonization in patients with cystic fibrosis may resemble symptoms of plastic bronchitis, according to…

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Infants with bronchiolitis maintain similar home desaturation rates after hospital discharge

March 28, 2016
Pediatric patients with bronchiolitis who were admitted to the hospital with oxygen desaturations continued to experience desaturations after…

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Tobacco smoke exposure increases risk for hospitalization for bronchiolitis in newborns

February 3, 2016
Passive prenatal tobacco exposure and active maternal smoking significantly influenced the risk for hospitalization for bronchiolitis in newborns…

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Age, education, obesity increase risk for chronic rhinosinusitis with polyps

February 1, 2016
Factors such as age, education level and obesity increased the risk for chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps and nasal septal deviation, but…

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Wheeze-free patients at risk based on smoking history, age, chronic bronchitis

January 21, 2016
Patients with no previous wheeze history appeared at risk for developing wheeze based on factors such as smoking history, age and a history of…

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