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ACP: Improving health care price transparency ‘vital’

ACP: Improving health care price transparency ‘vital’
November 21, 2017

Increasing access to meaningful information, including price, cost and quality data on health care services, can aid in efforts to improve health care price transparency and may help mend the health care fragmentation, according to a new policy paper by the ACP.

“Our health care system is undergoing multiple shifts: an increase in insured patients, moving payments to quality-based systems, and ever-increasing data,” Jack Ende, MD, MACP, president of ACP, said in a press release. “Additionally, patients are increasingly responsible for a greater portion of their health care costs through higher deductibles, coinsurance, and cost-sharing making the need for health care transparency even more important. Health care price transparency is an important component to address costs for patients and hold the health care system accountable to those it serves.”


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