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10 articles to kick off National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

January 21, 2019
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Teens who self-harm more likely to commit violent crime

January 14, 2019
Adolescents who self-harmed were three times more likely to commit violent crime than those who did not, according to study findings. Identifying factors that increase…
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Parents unaware of adolescents’ suicidal thoughts; teens deny parents’ concerns

January 14, 2019
Half of parents were unaware that their teens had thoughts of killing themselves, and when parents reported that their children had thoughts of suicide, nearly half of…
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Many children may start school with social-emotional vulnerabilities

January 11, 2019
Findings from a prospective cohort study of more than 30,000 children showed that more than 40% started school with vulnerabilities in social-emotional functioning tied…
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Case Report

First-Onset Psychosis or Anti-NMDA Receptor Encephalitis?

Psychiatric Annals, August 2018, Volume 48 Issue 8
A healthy 16-year-old girl presented with anxiety, personality changes, and disorganized speech. She was admitted to…
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Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: January 2016

Keck School of Medicine of USC and Psychiatric Annals

“A person’s a person, no matter how small,” wrote Dr. Seuss in Horton Hears a Who!
In the mystery of…
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VIDEO: Evidence-based treatments for comorbid ADHD, cannabis use disorder

May 31, 2017
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