W. David Lohr, MD
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics
Division of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology
Co-Clinical Director University of Louisville Autism Center
University of Louisville School of Medicine

What happens to autistic children when they get older?

July 9, 2013

The increased prevalence of autism, now estimated between 1 and 88 children and 1 and 50 males will present a sizeable challenge to the educational and health systems…

How does DSM-5 change the diagnosis of autism?

June 19, 2013

Both patients and professionals have raised concern that the new DSM-5 criteria will prevent many patients from meeting the diagnosis for autism. Numerous reviews…

Do some outgrow autism?

January 31, 2013

An eye-catching headline recently appeared in The New York Times: “Some With Autism Diagnosis Can Overcome Symptoms, Study Finds.” The basis for the article…

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