Alzheimer's Association International Conference

Healio brings you the highlights from the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference. Refer back to this page often for the latest news from AAIC, perspectives and interviews with leading researchers and clinicians, and to review archives of past meetings.
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Top takeaways for PCPs from Alzheimer’s Association International Conference

August 4, 2017
The annual Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, touted as the largest forum for dementia research, recently wrapped up in London. …
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Annual wellness visits underutilized to detect cognitive impairment

July 31, 2017
Only about 12% of Medicare beneficiaries underwent an annual wellness visit in 2013, according to findings presented at the Alzheimer’s…
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Nonelective hospitalizations may accelerate cognitive decline in older adults

July 28, 2017
Although elective hospitalizations were not significantly related to a decline in cognitive function among older adults, emergency hospitalizations…
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Good dietary practices may reduce Alzheimer’s risk in old age

July 26, 2017
Practicing healthy eating habits can improve cognitive function and reduce the risk for dementia later in life, according to data from four large…
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Patients with Alzheimer’s disease experience related comorbidities prior to diagnosis

July 24, 2017
Even before an official diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, patients had significantly higher — and increasing — rates of…
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Lancet Commission: 10 key ways to improve dementia prevention

July 20, 2017
A report from the Lancet Commission on Dementia Prevention, Intervention, and Care identifies key issues that physicians should be aware of to…
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Digital SAGE assessment accurate for early dementia

July 20, 2017
Data presented at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference indicated efficacy of a digital version of the Self-Administered…
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Analysis shows booming Alzheimer’s disease drug development

July 19, 2017
Twenty-seven Alzheimer’s disease drugs in phase 3 clinical trials and eight drugs in phase 2 trials could launch in the next 5 years, according…
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Goal-oriented therapy improves quality of life, mood in early Alzheimer’s

July 18, 2017
Goal-oriented therapy improved mood and quality of life among individuals with early-stage Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, according to data…

Comprehensive program plus medication more effective for functioning in Alzheimer's disease

July 17, 2017
A comprehensive, individualized management program significantly improved functioning in moderate-to-severe Alzheimer’s disease, compared with…
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