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Psychiatric Annals, a monthly medical review journal, is dedicated to providing psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, and medical professionals with an interest in psychiatry with the vital information required for optimal patient care. In an ever-changing specialty, the Journal provides practitioners with physician-reviewed single-topic articles for CME credit, peer-reviewed research and case reports, as well as peer-tested journal summaries and physician perspective. Whether in print or online, Psychiatric Annals is a trusted resource for high-impact specialty knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders.

Past Issue
  • October 2020
  • Volume 50 · Issue 10
Guest Editorial
CME Article

Responding to Sexual Assault in the Military: Policies and Practice

Amanda McCabe, PsyD; Amber Jachade, PsyD; Danielle Giles, PsyD; Richard P. Schobitz, PhD, ABPP

Psychiatric Annals. 2020;50(10):427-431

Treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder Related to Military Sexual Trauma

Lindsey Matt, PhD; Kaitlin Thompson, LCSW; Ashton M. Lofgreen, PhD; Rebecca Van Horn, MD

Psychiatric Annals. 2020;50(10):432-436

Preventing Suicidal Self-Directed Violence Among Survivors of Military Sexual Trauma: Understanding Risk and Applying Evidence-Based Principles

Ryan Holliday, PhD; Jessica Wiblin, PhD; Nicholas Holder, PhD; Georgia R. Gerard, MSW; Bridget B. Matarazzo, PsyD; Lindsey L. Monteith, PhD

Psychiatric Annals. 2020;50(10):437-443

Military Sexual Trauma and Sexual Revictimization

Vanessa Tirone, PhD; Jenna M. Bagley, BS, BA; Rebecca Blais, PhD; Kelsey Petrey, BA; Enya Meade, BA; Anne Sadler, PhD

Psychiatric Annals. 2020;50(10):444-451

Original Research
Case Report

A Pregnant Woman with Hyperemesis Gravidarum Admitted to the Psychiatric Ward

Evan Caporaso, MD; David Oliver, MD; Mary Rusher, MD

Psychiatric Annals. 2020;50(10):469-472

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