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Psychiatric Disorders and Neurology, and My Future Plans

Jan Fawcett, MD

This issue of Psychiatric Annals, guest edited by Dr. Muna Irfan, reviews the treatment and management modalities of comorbid psychiatric disorders in patients with central neurological disorders. Suffice it to say, this issue discusses how psychiatric health providers play a large role in managing these disorders, but there are often limited data to guide us.

Planning for the Future

While celebrating my 83rd birthday last month, I took inventory, as I customarily do as well on New Year's Day and at the end of each academic year, of several of my activities and responsibilities. I've had the pleasure and honor of serving as Editor-in-Chief of Psychiatric Annals for roughly 25 years, and at this time I'm announcing my resignation from the position as of the end of 2017. I am thankful to everyone who has contributed to the journal and supported my efforts with the journal over many years. I am confident that the team at SLACK will secure an Editor who has a pulse on the world of both clinical and research psychiatry as it stands today.

I don't know how many years of creative life I have left (things get a little challenging at age 83 years). However, I must say that I have been fortunate up until last year to have been reasonably healthy—and that is a true gift on a daily basis. Life has been good to me.

I will continue to be creative; I experienced an epiphany in a Torah study class that has become my life's purpose (which until then I had been unsure about): to be creative and to help others be creative. I will continue to teach residents how to approach treatment-refractory depression as well as write fiction and perhaps contribute a couple more articles to the medical literature.

I will also meditate more and spend more time with my wonderful partner, Katie, who is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I will serve in this role for a little while longer, until a new editor is identified, so I will be writing again and have a final chance to say goodbye. Cheers!


Jan Fawcett, MD

Jan Fawcett, MD, is a Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of New Mexico School of Medicine. He was chairperson of the DSM-5 Mood Disorders Task Force.

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