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Psychiatric Annals, a monthly medical review journal, is dedicated to providing psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, and medical professionals with an interest in psychiatry with the vital information required for optimal patient care. In an ever-changing specialty, the Journal provides practitioners with physician-reviewed single-topic articles for CME credit, peer-reviewed research and case reports, as well as peer-tested journal summaries and physician perspective. Whether in print or online, Psychiatric Annals is a trusted resource for high-impact specialty knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders.

Past Issue
  • October 1998
  • Volume 28 · Issue 10

Where Do We Fit: Past, Present, and Future?

R Jeffrey Goldsmith, MD

Psychiatric Annals. 1998;28(10):544-545

Nicotine Craving and Psychiatric Diagnosis: Past, Present, and Future

Neil Hartman, MD, PhD; Nicholas H Caskey, PhD; Richard E Olmstead, PhD; Murray E Jarvik, MD, PhD

Psychiatric Annals. 1998;28(10):547-551

Clinical Measurement of Craving in Addiction

Raymond F Anton, MD; David J Drobes, PhD

Psychiatric Annals. 1998;28(10):553-560

Cocaine Craving and Paranoia: A Combination of Pharmacology and Learning

Peter W Kalivas, PhD; Jennifer Cornish, PhD; M Behnam Ghasemzadeh, PhD

Psychiatric Annals. 1998;28(10):569-574

Craving and Withdrawal Symptoms for Various Drugs of Abuse

Juris Mezinskis, PhD; Susan Dyrenforth, PhD; R Jeffrey Goldsmith, MD; Mark Cohen, PhD; Eugene Somoza, MD, PhD

Psychiatric Annals. 1998;28(10):577-583

Cravings and Irresistible Impulses: Similarities Between Addictions and Impulse Control Disorders

Cesar A Soutullo, MD; Susan L McElroy, MD; R Jeffrey Goldsmith, MD

Psychiatric Annals. 1998;28(10):592-600

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