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Psychiatric Annals, a monthly medical review journal, is dedicated to providing psychiatrists, psychiatric nurses, and medical professionals with an interest in psychiatry with the vital information required for optimal patient care. In an ever-changing specialty, the Journal provides practitioners with physician-reviewed single-topic articles for CME credit, peer-reviewed research and case reports, as well as peer-tested journal summaries and physician perspective. Whether in print or online, Psychiatric Annals is a trusted resource for high-impact specialty knowledge in the diagnosis and treatment of mental health disorders.

Current Issue
  • February 2021
  • Volume 51 · Issue 2
Guest Editorial

Workplace Mental Health

Gaurava Agarwal, MD

Psychiatric Annals. 2021;51(2):55-56

CME Article

Is Separation from the Workplace a Psychiatric Emergency? The Role of the Clinician and the Consultant

Greg P. Couser, MD, MPH; David Evan Morrison III, MD; Andrew O. Brown, MD; Gaurava Agarwal, MD

Psychiatric Annals. 2021;51(2):58-63

The Stressful, Hostile, and Toxic Workplace: An Advanced Understanding of a Common Clinical Complaint

Andrew O. Brown, MD; Greg P. Couser, MD, MPH; David Evan Morrison III, MD; Gaurava Agarwal, MD

Psychiatric Annals. 2021;51(2):70-75

Benefits and Limitations of Implementing Mental Health Apps Among the Working Population

Nathan M. Jones, MD, MPH; Matthew Johnson, MD; Aakash V. Sathappan, MD; John Torous, MD, MBI

Psychiatric Annals. 2021;51(2):76-83

Original Research

Assessing How Violent Threats from Students Toward Schools Are Affected Before and After a School Shooting

Jessica Haddad, MD; Kyle Curtis, BS; Carmen Kilpatrick, MD; Alison Chambers, PhD; Pamela Hoffman, MD; Kathleen Donise, MD

Psychiatric Annals. 2021;51(2):88-94

Case Report

Adolescent Catatonia Preceded by Undiagnosed Anorexia Nervosa

Kyle McGinty, MD, MPH; Hanna Stevens, MD, PhD; Erin Martin, DO; Amanda Elliott, DO

Psychiatric Annals. 2021;51(2):95-98

Rapid-Onset Psychosis and Cholinergic Rebound After Abrupt Discontinuation of Clozapine

Pooja Palkar, MBBS; Estefany Garces, MD; Sridivya Chavali, MBBS; Arij Shakil Zubair, MS; Seema Hashmi, MD

Psychiatric Annals. 2021;51(2):99-100

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