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Articles appearing in the "Online Advanced Release" section of the website have been peer-reviewed, accepted for publication, and posted online before print publication. Copyediting has been completed and author corrections added, but final proofing has not occurred. The content of the article will usually remain unchanged, and possible further corrections are fairly minor. The final version of the article will specify the volume, issue and page numbers.

Caring for Women With Postpartum Depression in Saudi Arabia: Nurses' and Midwives' Opinions About Their Roles

Zyad T. Saleh, PhD, MSc, RN; Rami A. Elshatarat, PhD, MSc, RN; Inas A. Ebeid, PhD, MSc, RN; Mohammed S. Aljohani, PhD, MSc, RN; Majed S. Al-Za'areer, MSc, RN; Abdullah D. Alhujaili, MSc, RN; Naif S. Al Tarawneh, PhD, MSc, RN; Ahmad H. Abu Raddaha, PhD, MSc, RN

May 12, 2020

Determining the Correlation Between Social Support and Hopelessness of Syrian Refugees Living in Turkey

Hilal Yildirim, PhD, RN; Kevser Isik, PhD, RN; Tuba Yildirim Firat, MD; Rukuye Aylaz, PhD, RN

May 12, 2020

Effectiveness of a Nurse-Led Intervention for Adolescents With Problematic Internet Use

Preeti Mathew, MSc; Raman Krishnan, MBBS, MD; Adhin Bhaskar, PhD

May 12, 2020

Perspectives of Victims of Gender Violence

Deborah Atance-Pereira, PhD, RN; María Luisa Zamarro-Arranz, PhD, MD; Juan Francisco Velarde-García, PhD, RN; Elisabeth Huertas-Hoyas, PhD, OT; Jose Miguel Cachón-Pérez, RN; Paula Parás-Bravo, PhD, RN; Domingo Palacios-Ceña, PhD, RN

April 14, 2020


Effects of an Urban Forest-Based Health Promotion Program on Children Living in Group Homes

Min Kyung Song, PhD, RN; Kyung-Sook Bang, PhD, RN; Sungjae Kim, PhD, PMHNP, RN; Gumhee Lee, MSN, APRN; Yeseul Jeong, BSN, RN

April 14, 2020

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