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Articles appearing in the "Online Advanced Release" section of the website have been peer-reviewed, accepted for publication, and posted online before print publication. Copyediting has been completed and author corrections added, but final proofing has not occurred. The content of the article will usually remain unchanged, and possible further corrections are fairly minor. The final version of the article will specify the volume, issue and page numbers.

Metabolic Side Effects in Patients Using Atypical Antipsychotic Medications During Hospitalization

Gül Dikeç, PhD, RN; Leyla Baysan Arabaci, PhD, RN; Gülçin Bölük Uzunoglu, MSN, RN; Selin Demet Mizrak, MD
Posted January 12, 2018

Destigmatizing Mental Illness: An Innovative Evidence-Based Undergraduate Curriculum

Stacey M. Carroll, PhD, ANP-BC
Posted January 12, 2018

Team Development Measure in Interprofessional Graduate Education: A Pilot Study

Lora Humphrey Beebe, PhD, PMHNP-BC, FAAN; Marian Roman, PhD; Gary Skolits, PhD; Hollie Raynor, PhD, RD, LDN; Dixie Thompson, PhD; Andrea Franks, PharmD
Posted January 12, 2018

Factor Structure of the Eating Disorder Examination: Questionnaire in a Clinical Sample of Adult Women With Anorexia Nervosa

Kathryn E. Phillips, PhD, APRN; Karen M. Jennings, PhD, RN, PMHNP-BC; Matthew Gregas, PhD
Posted January 12, 2018

Sensitizing Inpatient Mental Health Staff to the Challenges of Aging

Michelle R. Zechner, PhD, LSW, CPRP; Joseph C. Birkmann, MPA, LSW; Jennifer Sperduto, MS, CPRP; Carlos Pratt, PhD, CPRP
Posted January 12, 2018

Adolescent Depression in Jordan: Symptoms Profile, Gender Differences, and the Role of Social Context

Latefa Ali Dardas, PhD, PMHN; Susan G. Silva, PhD; Moria J. Smoski, PhD; Devon Noonan, PhD, MPH, FNP-BC; Leigh Ann Simmons, PhD, MFT
Posted December 8, 2017

Strategies to Promote Walking Among Community-Dwelling Individuals with Major Mental Disorders

Margaret Swarbrick, PhD, FAOTA; Patricia B. Nemec, PsyD, CRC, CPRP; Crystal L. Brandow, PhD; Amy Spagnolo, PhD, CPRP
Posted December 8, 2017

Identifying Depression in Parents of Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder: Recommendations for Professional Practice

Brenda Marshall, EdD, APRN, ANEF; Betty Kollia, PhD, CCC-SLP; Victoria Wagner, MA, MLS; David Yablonsky
Posted December 8, 2017

Psychological Capital and Perceived Professional Benefits: Testing the Mediating Role of Perceived Nursing Work Environment Among Chinese Nurses

Hongzhen Zhou, PhD; Yafang Zhu, MS; Xiaomei Zhang, BS; Juan Peng, MS; Qingdong Li, MS; Xiaoyan Wang, BS; Lihui Wang, BS; Xiaohui Cai, BS; Limei Lan, BS
Posted December 8, 2017

Impact of a Nursing in Psychiatry Course on Students' Attitudes Toward Mental Health Disorders

Goran Arbanas, PhD, MD; Dina Bosnjak, MD; Tamara Sabo, MD
Posted November 30, 2017

Bridging the Gap With Peer Support: Patricia's Recovery Story

Sam Abraham, DHA, MS, RN; Patricia Perez
Posted November 8, 2017

Effect of Psychiatric Symptoms on Employment Outcomes for Individuals Receiving Supported Employment Services: A Preliminary Study

Joni N. Dolce, MS, CRC, CPRP; William R. Waynor, PhD, CRC, CPRP
Posted November 8, 2017

For the Love of the Game: Game- Versus Lecture-Based Learning With Generation Z Patients

Mary A. Adamson, RN-BC, MS, CNS; Hengyi Chen, BA; Russell Kackley, BA; Alicia Micheal, LPC
Posted November 8, 2017

Get on Board: Realizing Full Partnerships in Health Care

Jake Creviston, DNP, RN, PMHNP-BC; Michael Polacek, MSN, RN-BC
Posted November 8, 2017

Dignity in Older Adults With Schizophrenia Residing in Assisted Living Facilities

Darlene Robison, RN, MN, CPMHN; Gloria McInnis-Perry, PhD, RN, APN, CPMHN; Lori E. Weeks, PhD; Vicki Foley, PhD, RN
Posted October 9, 2017

Emotional and Psychosocial Problems Encountered by Children Who Have Been Sexually Abused

Şerife Tutar Güven, RN; Ayşegül İşler Dalgiç, PhD, RN; Zerrin Erkol, MD
Posted October 9, 2017