Article of the Year Award

The Journal of Psychosocial Nursing and Mental Health Services recognizes the best-written article published each year. The Article of the Year Award was established in 2005, and the winning article is chosen by a committee based on writing clarity, style, and editorial expertise. The authors of the winning article are awarded a plaque and a cash prize, and are invited to become a member of the Journal’s Editorial Board or Review Panel. All articles published in the Journal are eligible, except for those in which the lead author is a already a member of the Journal’s Editorial Board or Review Panel, as the award is intended to help mentor new writers.

Previous winners include:

2019 - Relationship Between Perceived Nurse Caring and Patient Satisfaction in Patients in a Psychiatric Acute Care Setting by B.M. King, D. Linette, M. Donohue-Smith, and Z. Robinson Wolf; published in July 2019

2018 Trauma-Informed Care and Practice: Practice Improvement Strategies in an Inpatient Mental Health Ward by P. Beckett, D. Holmes, M. Phipps, D. Patton, and L. Molloy; published in October 2017

2017 – Enhancing Care Models to Capture Psychological Trauma by M.S. Balch and J. Loomis; published in April 2017

What’s New in Treating Inpatients With Personality Disorders? Dialectical Behavior Therapy and Old-Fashioned, Good Communication by S. Ritter and L.M. Platt; published in January 2016

– Synthetic Cannabinoids: The Dangers of Spicing It Up by D.A. Salani and M.M. Zdanowicz; published in May 2015

2014 – The Suitcase Simulation: An Effective and Inexpensive Psychiatric Nursing Teaching Activity by J.C. Masters, M.F. Kane, and M.E. Pike; published in August 2014

2013 Advanced Practice Nurse Psychiatric Bridging Intervention by L. Schaumberg, S.M. Narayan, and T. Wright; published in May 2013

2012 Revising a Medication Education Program on an Inpatient Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Unit by C.M. Eisenmann (Stoller); published in January 2012

2011Does Your Older Adult Client Have a Gambling Problem? by C.S. Kerber, E. Schlenker, and K. Hickey; published in June 2011

2010Psychotropic Medications and Falls in Older Adults by K. Van Leuven; published in September 2010

2009Achieving Restraint-Free on an Inpatient Behavioral Health Unit by S.A. Barton, M.R. Johnson, and L.V. Price; published in January 2009

2008 Mindfulness: An Intervention for Anxiety in Schizophrenia by L.W. Davis, A.M. Strasburger, and L.F. Brown; published in November 2007

2007Becoming Culturally Competent in Ethnic Psychopharmacology by J. Campinha-Bacote; published in September 2007

2006 – Long-Acting Injectable Risperidone: An Emerging Tool in Schizophrenia Treatment by K.S. Jarboe, K. Kittrell, and K. Tugrul; published in December 2005

2005 – War-Related Mental Health Problems of Today’s Veterans: New Clinical Awareness by R.R. Reeves, J.D. Parker, and D.J. Konkle-Parker; published in July 2005

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