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Simple tool with ‘good accuracy’ predicts life expectancy in patients with dementia

January 24, 2020
Using routinely collected patient characteristics, researchers said they were able to predict the life expectancy of patients with dementia with…

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Dementia screening safe but offers few benefits by itself

January 21, 2020
Screening for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias in primary care settings did not result in any harm as measured by patient-reported…

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Hydromethylthionine impacts brain function in patients with Alzheimer’s

January 17, 2020
Hydromethylthionine, a potent tau aggregation inhibitor, showed pharmacological activity on brain structure and function as both monotherapy and as…

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Patients with Alzheimer's who use antipsychotics at increased risk for head injury, TBI

January 10, 2020
Patients with Alzheimer’s disease who use antipsychotic medications may be at an increased risk for head injuries and traumatic brain injuries…

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Ramelteon and suvorexant effective for delirium prevention

January 2, 2020
Patients with delirium may benefit from taking ramelteon or Belsomra, according to results of a prospective observational study published in Journal

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Grandparents who care for grandchildren less likely to feel isolated, lonely

December 27, 2019
Grandparents who are active in the lives of their grandchildren may have a decreased risk for loneliness and social isolation, according to results…

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Patients with psychosis may experience significant cognitive decline with age

December 11, 2019
Cognitive performance declined over the two decades following first hospitalization for patients with psychotic disorders, according to study results…

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Perceived meaning in life associated with better health outcomes

December 10, 2019
The presence of and search for meaning in life may impact health and well-being, with a significant difference in this association for adults younger…

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Studies provide insight into 'loneliness epidemic' among older adults

December 10, 2019
A pair of studies published in Psychology and Aging found that among older Americans, claims of a “loneliness epidemic” reflect the…

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Individuals in last year of life experience high rates of depressive symptoms

November 26, 2019
Individuals in their last year of life had high rates of depressive symptoms, with nearly 60% experiencing depression in the last month before death…

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Statins may not confer memory, cognition decline in older patients

November 20, 2019
Statin therapy in elderly patients was not linked to a greater decline in cognition or memory during a 6-year period, according to a study published…


One question boosts memory tests’ effectiveness

November 5, 2019
Conservative estimates indicate that more than 100,000 U.S. Medicare recipients have undiagnosed dementia, according to published reports. The…

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Exercise benefits neuropsychological function in individuals with MCI

September 19, 2019
Participation in an aerobic exercise training or a stretching and toning program was linked to improved performance on memory and executive function…

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Bispectral EEG may detect delirium, predict mortality in older inpatients

September 12, 2019
Researchers found that bispectral electroencephalography, or EEG, can predict patient outcomes, including mortality, in older hospitalized patients…

Top articles for World Alzheimer’s Month

September 11, 2019
Within the next 30 years, the number of people with dementia is set to triple, according to WHO. About 50 million people have dementia worldwide…

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Depression linked to disability in older Chinese Americans

September 9, 2019
Researchers found a significant relationship between depressive symptoms and onset of functional disability among U.S. Chinese older adults…

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Migraine significant risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease

September 5, 2019
A history of migraine was a significant risk factor for Alzheimer's disease and for all-cause dementia, but not vascular dementia, according to a…

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Better treatment, more research needed for older adults with mental disorders

August 30, 2019
Older adults have the lowest mental health service use despite having a high prevalence of mental health conditions, according to a viewpoint…

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Regular, moderate exercise may help delay Alzheimer’s in at-risk older adults

August 13, 2019
Moderate exercise may help delay the development of Alzheimer's disease biomarkers in at-risk older adults, according to three studies presented at…

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Social contact during midlife appears to lower dementia risk

August 12, 2019
Study findings published in PLOS Medicine showed that more frequent social contact with friends at age 60 years was linked to lower risk of…

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