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Recent insurance policy changes for depression tied to increased treatment

April 24, 2019
Recent policy changes enacted between 1998 and 2015 to expand insurance coverage for mental health services was associated with increased prevalence…

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VIDEO: Identifying depression, anxiety in primary care

April 18, 2019
PHILADELPHIA — Depression and anxiety are common disorders seen in primary care practices, with up to 20% of patients presenting with symptoms…

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Group, telephone, guided self-help CBT formats all effective for depression

April 17, 2019
Results of a network meta-analysis indicated that group, telephone-administered and guided self-help — both internet-based and not —…

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Survey shows some older adults do not store firearms safely

April 16, 2019
Almost a quarter of older adult survey respondents from Washington stored their guns unlocked and loaded, regardless of whether they had memory loss…

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Childhood trauma tied to abnormal brain connectivity in major depression

April 15, 2019
History of childhood trauma was linked to functional dysconnectivity in the brains of adults with major depressive disorder, even though brain…

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Continuation Therapies After Successful Treatment with Electroconvulsive Therapy in Major Depressive Disorder

Psychiatric Annals, April 2019, Volume 49 Issue 4
Although the use of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) predates the use of any other biologic treatment for major depressive disorder (MDD) available…

Guest Editorial

Why Is Electroconvulsive Therapy Still Underused?

Psychiatric Annals, April 2019, Volume 49 Issue 4
Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) was introduced 8 decades ago and has proven to be a durable and effective treatment for a variety of neuropsychiatric…

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Older age, mixed hypomanic symptoms may moderate depression remission

April 15, 2019
Although an exploratory analysis indicated several general, nonspecific predictors of depression remission, only two possible moderators —…

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Pharmacogenetically-informed dosing may normalize SSRI exposure in teens

April 12, 2019
Adolescents with slower CYP2C19 metabolism had greater maximum blood concentration and exposure to both sertraline and escitalopram, according to…

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Anti-inflammatory agents improve antidepressant effects

April 11, 2019
Certain anti-inflammatory drugs improved antidepressant treatment effects and depression symptoms without increasing risk for adverse events…

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Chronic diarrhea, constipation more common in patients with depression

April 9, 2019
Mood likely has an impact on a person’s specific bowel habits, according to study results. Sarah Ballou, PhD, of the department of…

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Repeated ketamine infusions have sustained antidepressant effects

April 8, 2019
Patients with treatment-resistant depression who responded to ketamine experienced sustained reductions in depressive symptoms with once-weekly…

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Internet-based CBT benefits patients in real-world clinics

April 5, 2019
Internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy had large effects for symptom improvement when implemented among patients with social phobia, panic…

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Self-help app helps reduce depression, anxiety symptoms

April 3, 2019
A popular smartphone app based on cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness showed efficacy in individuals with symptoms of anxiety and…


Experts discuss rare link between concussion, suicide

April 2, 2019
The most recent CDC data show an estimated 329,290 children were treated in United States for sports and recreation-related injuries that included a…

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Ketamine improves suicidal ideation in veterans with PTSD, MDD

April 1, 2019
Veterans with PTSD and major depressive disorder saw significant improvement in suicidal ideation after receiving IV infusions of ketamine over a…

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Patients with anxiety, mood disorders lack self-compassion

April 1, 2019
Patients with anxiety and mood disorders — especially generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder — had lower levels of…

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Negative experiences common in children with IBD, but may not increase health care use

March 29, 2019
Adverse childhood experience appeared more common than previously estimated in patients with inflammatory bowel disease, according to a recent…

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Inflammatory disease linked to higher depression, anxiety rates

March 28, 2019
Primary care patients with inflammatory disease, particularly those with early-onset disease, demonstrate elevated rates of depression and anxiety…

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Inflammation could be shared mechanism for depression, heart disease

March 25, 2019
Using Mendelian randomization, researchers found that depression and coronary heart disease shared common underlying biological mechanisms. The…

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