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Add-on fish oil for depressed patients with heart disease requires further study

Add-on fish oil for depressed patients with heart disease requires further study
June 18, 2019
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Many people with mental health disorders do not receive treatment

June 14, 2019
Most U.S. adults with mental health disorders have not received treatment for their conditions in the last year, and treatment rates were especially low for substance…
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In metabolic syndrome, telemonitored exercise may improve health

June 13, 2019
The use of telemonitoring in exercise-based intervention initiatives for adults with metabolic syndrome may lead to reduced severity of the condition, according to…
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One in five people have mental disorders in post-conflict settings

June 12, 2019
Based on WHO data, researchers estimated that roughly one in five people in post-conflict settings had depression, anxiety disorder, PTSD, bipolar disorder or…
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Major Depressive Disorder in an Adolescent Girl Living with a Mother Who is Emotionally Unavailable

Psychiatric Annals, January 2019, Volume 49 Issue 1
A 16-year-old girl was brought to the emergency department by her parents because of persistent crying, sadness…
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Thinking About the Assessment of Risk: September 2017

AKH Inc., Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare and Psychiatric Annals

We clinicians estimate risk and make decisions based on that estimate. We estimate suicide risk and violence risk. We…
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VIDEO: Treatment approaches for co-occurring substance use, psychiatric disorders

June 10, 2016
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