Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Genetic factors influence empathy

March 19, 2018
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Greater autism risk found for children of mothers with larger waist size

March 19, 2018
CHICAGO — Mothers’ prepregnancy waist circumference, but not BMI, was associated with their children’s risk for autism, according to study findings…
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Moderate Facebook use boosts happiness in adults with autism

March 16, 2018
Adults with autism spectrum disorder who preferred to use Facebook moderately showed greater happiness than those who did not; however, this benefit was not seen for…
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Cognitive enhancement therapy benefits adults with autism

February 19, 2018
Cognitive enhancement therapy was associated with improvements in neurological and social cognition in adults with autism spectrum disorder, according to data published…
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Treatment Plan for a Patient with an Autism Spectrum Disorder

Pediatric Annals, October 2012, Volume 41 Issue 10
CME Educational Objectives 1. Increase facility with developing and implementing a treatment plan for children with…
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Difficult Defenses in the Courtroom: December 2017

AKH Inc., Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare and Psychiatric Annals

Evil or illness? Mens rea (Latin for guilty mind) or simply not responsible because the neuropsychiatric disorder…
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VIDEO: Expert provides new neuromodulation methods for OCD, ASD

May 18, 2016
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