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Mood, anxiety disorders before pregnancy may influence gestational diabetes risk

November 13, 2017

Women with a history of anxiety or mood disorder in the 2 years before pregnancy had a moderately increased risk for developing gestational diabetes vs. women who did not have an anxiety or mood disorder, according to an analysis of population-level data in Canada.

Qendresa Beka, MSc, of the University of Alberta School of Public Health in Edmonton, Canada, and colleagues assessed administrative data from six databases from the Alberta Ministry of Health — the discharge abstract database, ambulatory care database, physician claims database, Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan registry, the vital statistics database and the 2006 census dataset — as well as all delivery data from the Alberta Perinatal Health Program between April 2000 and March 2010 (n = 253,911 with 373,674 pregnancies). Researchers then linked perinatal data to the administrative data from Alberta Health to identify any diagnoses of mood or anxiety disorders in the 2 years before pregnancy and a subsequent diagnosis of gestational diabetes. An anxiety or mood disorder was defined as having at least one hospitalization, outpatient visit or physician claim for a mood or anxiety disorder in any diagnosis field in the 2 years before pregnancy. Researchers used generalized estimating equations to determine the adjusted OR of gestational diabetes, comparing women with and without anxiety or mood disorders.

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