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AAP cautions youth athletes against unhealthy weight changes

September 6, 2017
Youth athletes who participate in sports with weight classes or an emphasis on physique may be engaging in unhealthy strategies for weight loss and

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New link established between football, brain damage

July 25, 2017
A significant proportion of brains donated by deceased football players for research showed neuropathological evidence of chronic trauma…

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Youth athletes experience head impacts in different scenarios, ages

July 12, 2017
Young children were more likely to experience high-impact head injuries during athletic practices while those performing at higher levels were more…

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Concussion increases risk for abnormal menstruation in young women

July 5, 2017
After sustaining a concussion, adolescent and young women can have an increased risk for multiple abnormal menstrual patterns, indicating that it may…

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High school football may not reduce cognition, mental health later in life

July 3, 2017
High school students who played football in the 1950s experienced cognitive and depression outcomes later in life at similar rates to those who did…

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Yoga may be linked to more pain, injury than previously thought

June 30, 2017
Yoga caused musculoskeletal pain and exacerbated existing physical injuries, according to research recently published in the Journal of Bodywork and

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Study explores assessment of head collision events during soccer

June 27, 2017
Results from this study demonstrated soccer players who showed signs of concussion after a head collision should be assessed by an independent health…

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Telemedicine effective in assessing, managing adolescent concussion

June 26, 2017
PHILADELPHIA —  When contact between practitioners and athletic trainers is facilitated through telemedicine for the assessment of…

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Saliva biomarkers may help predict concussion symptom duration in children

May 9, 2017
Analyzing saliva for changes in the micro-ribonucleic acid levels served as a prognostic indicator of symptom duration among children following a

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New tool to determine when athletes can resume sports after concussion may be available soon

January 26, 2017
Researchers and a biotechnology company are working toward making a test more readily available for clinicians to detect the protein tau in patients

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Early physical activity following concussion may reduce persistent symptoms in children, teens

January 17, 2017
Among children and adolescents who experienced an acute concussion, physical activity within 7 days of the injury was associated with reduced risk…

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'Return to learn' laws for children with concussions lacking, inconsistent nationwide

December 21, 2016
Data published in Pediatrics showed that “return to learn” guidelines have not been widely implemented nationwide to improve support…

AMA adopts new policies to study CTE, other head injuries

November 18, 2016
Citing the quarter of a million Americans who experience concussions each year, the AMA implemented new policies it hopes will increase research on…

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Children with persistent postconcussion symptoms reported lower quality of life

November 17, 2016
Children with persistent symptoms for 12 weeks following a concussion demonstrated a lower health-related quality of life than children who

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Same day 'return to play' after concussion common among youth athletes

October 26, 2016
SAN FRANCISCO — Although concussion guidelines recommend removal from play following injury, 38% of youth athletes return to play same day…

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Treadmill testing safe, valuable in pediatric concussion evaluation

September 28, 2016
Testing using graded aerobic treadmill activity is safe, tolerable and clinically valuable in the evaluation and management of sports-related…

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Concussion recovery twice as long if athlete not immediately removed

September 23, 2016
Concussion recovery times were twice as long if the athlete was not immediately removed from play, according to recent findings published in…

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Sharp rise in youth soccer injuries calls for greater prevention efforts

September 20, 2016
The increase in youth soccer-related injuries — particularly closed head injuries and concussions that have risen by an annual rate of almost…

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Six-month collaborative care model improves postconcussive symptoms more than usual care

September 16, 2016
A 6-month collaborative care model improved adolescents’ postconcussive symptoms significantly more than usual care, according to recent…

Latest traumatic brain injury news, research for physicians

September 2, 2016
Traumatic brain injuries were diagnosed in 280,000 hospitalizations and 2.2 million ED visits in 2010, and contributed to the deaths of more than…