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Cholecystectomy linked with disease activity in Crohn’s

May 26, 2020
Cholecystectomy in patients with Crohn’s disease was associated with markers of disease activity and worse quality of life in a multi-year…
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CMS issues more rule changes to cope with COVID-19 — are they enough?

May 15, 2020
CMS recently announced a second round of regulatory waivers and rule changes to expand care to the nation’s seniors and provide health care…

Physicians brace for potential surge in COVID-19 cases

May 14, 2020
As health care workers begin to understand the scope of COVID-19 in their areas and how to respond to it, a new anxiety has set in: How long will the…
Residency to Retirement Resource Center

7 benefits your advisor should bring during COVID-19 pandemic

May 12, 2020
“Am I getting the right financial advice? Is my financial professional doing what they should for the fee I am paying?” These are common…

Q&A: Nurses demand adequate supply of PPE to combat COVID-19

May 8, 2020
So far this year, 88 nurses have died of COVID-19 as of May 6, according to National Nurses United, or NNU, the largest union of registered nurses in…

Important updates on World Asthma Day 2020

May 5, 2020
On this year’s World Asthma Day, various research organizations, medical societies and patient advocacy groups are seeking to raise awareness…

Q&A: Protective measures may be needed for skin due to mask-wearing during COVID-19 pandemic

May 4, 2020
As the world faces the COVID-19 pandemic, wearing a mask or facial covering has been touted as one way to combat the spread of the virus. Most public…

US regions start reopening despite limited COVID-19 testing capacity

May 1, 2020
In recent weeks, state and local governments across the United States have begun making plans to reopen their economies after weeks of social…
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Fauci on remdesivir for COVID-19: ‘This will be the standard of care’

April 29, 2020
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Director Anthony S. Fauci, MD, said today that data from a multinational randomized control…

‘Fear leads to desperate measures’: Experts address harmful, untested COVID-19 remedies

April 28, 2020
During a press briefing last week, President Donald J. Trump asked health experts whether they could investigate two potential treatments for…