Biohaven advances intranasal vazegepant for acute migraine

March 27, 2020
After a successful end-of-phase 2 meeting with the FDA, Biohaven Pharmaceuticals announced in a press release that intranasal vazegepant, a novel…

Q&A: New tool may help guide drug development for pediatric migraine

March 25, 2020
A new FDA-funded registry developed by researchers at the Duke Clinical Research Institute and partners could help answer important questions about…
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FDA approves Vyepti, first IV preventive treatment for migraine

February 24, 2020
The FDA has recently approved Vyepti, the first IV calcitonin gene-related peptide blocker for migraine prevention in adults, according to a press…
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FDA approves Ubrelvy for acute treatment of migraine

December 23, 2019
The FDA has approved Ubrelvy, the first oral calcitonin gene-related peptide receptor antagonist intended for acute treatment of migraine in adults…

DHE re-emerges as ‘magic’ migraine treatment

December 11, 2019
Acute migraine treatments containing dihydroergotamine, or DHE, could soon return to the mainstream, providing a less cumbersome treatment option for…

Treat kids early, new migraine guideline says

October 22, 2019
The American Academy of Neurology and the American Headache Society clinical guideline for acute symptomatic treatment of migraines in children and…

Pediatric migraine prevention guideline focuses on lifestyle choices

October 17, 2019
Pharmacologic treatments to prevent migraine in children and teens are effective, but so is placebo, complicating the issue for clinicians and…
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Reyvow approved for acute migraine treatment

October 11, 2019
The FDA announced it approved Reyvow for the treatment of adults with acute migraine with or without aura. According to a press release from the…

Treating patients with migraine: What PCPs need to know

July 22, 2019
There is a 6-month waiting list for an appointment at Montefiore Headache Center, which Richard B. Lipton, MD, directs — with similar…
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Migraine attack risk increases with each premonitory symptom

July 19, 2019
PHILADELPHIA — The risk for migraine attack may increase with the presence of each premonitory symptom, including excessive yawning, mood…