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Kids without siblings engage in more unhealthy eating behaviors

November 12, 2019
Children aged younger than 8 years who did not have siblings were more likely to consume unhealthy foods and drinks than children of the same age…
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Low-protein rice, low-phosphorus whey may improve hyperphosphatemia

November 8, 2019
WASHINGTON — For patients on hemodialysis who eat rice as a main source of calories, low-protein rice plus low-phosphorus whey can reduce…
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Meal size advice helps parents choose healthier options for children at restaurants

November 7, 2019
LAS VEGAS — Parents may be more likely to order meals with healthier calorie counts for their children while dining at restaurants if they are…
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Intermittent fasting research still developing, time-restricted feeding shows potential

November 7, 2019
LAS VEGAS — Among the numerous intermittent fasting strategies being pursued for weight loss, time-restricted feeding has shown particular…
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‘Caution is necessary’ with severe energy restriction diet for postmenopausal women

October 31, 2019
Severe energy restriction with a total meal replacement diet among postmenopausal women with obesity induced greater weight loss and approximately…
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Enteral tube feeding improves growth in children with CKD even after 2 years of age

October 30, 2019
A published study found starting enteral tube feeding after 2 years of age improved height and weight standard deviation score in pre-pubertal…

Most baby foods contain heavy metals that could affect development

October 18, 2019
Ninety-five percent of all baby foods tested by Healthy Babies Bright Futures, an alliance of organizations aimed at reducing exposure to potentially…
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Eating more nuts each day tied to less weight gain

October 17, 2019
Eating an additional half serving of nuts each day was associated with less weight gain and a reduced risk for obesity, according to findings…
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Mediterranean diet with behavioral support improves meal plan adherence, CV risk factors

October 15, 2019
Adults with metabolic syndrome assigned to a reduced-calorie Mediterranean diet plan with physical activity and behavioral support were more likely…

Plant-based food policy needed to stem diabetes, food insecurity

October 14, 2019
Diabetes affects 425 million people worldwide, and 1 in 2 adults remains undiagnosed, according to the International Diabetes Federation Diabetes…