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The latest news from the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting along with researcher interviews and clinician insight.

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VIDEO: Tips on making comanagement decisions for patients with CKD

May 9, 2019
PHILADELPHIA Primary care physicians should work with nephrologists to determine the best care options for their shared patients with chronic…
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VIDEO: Managing CKD metabolic acidosis

May 7, 2019
PHILADELPHIA – Encouraging a healthy diet is an effective way to helping patients with CKD avoid metabolic acidosis, according to a speaker at…
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VIDEO: Top takeaways from ACP Internal Medicine Meeting

May 2, 2019
PHILADELPHIA – Highlights from this year’s American College of Physicians Internal Medicine Meeting included…
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VIDEO: Ascertaining patient’s social determinants takes some time

May 1, 2019
PHILADELPHIA – A physician should not feel that he or she has to expedite efforts to ferret out their entire patient panel’s social…
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VIDEO: Expert discusses debate on HbA1C target for type 2 diabetes

April 30, 2019
PHILADELPHIA — In this video from the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting, Gerald Smetana, MD, general internist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical…
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VIDEO: Sleep deprivation ‘epidemic’ has professional, health ramifications

April 29, 2019
PHILADELPHIA – The U.S. population is getting about 1.5 to 2 hours fewer sleep than it did about 40 years ago, a speaker at the American…
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VIDEO: Rising incidence of loneliness among physicians must be addressed

April 29, 2019
PHILADELPHIA – Physicians need to find time work through the feeling of loneliness they may have for their, and their patients’ sakes, a…
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VIDEO: What PCPs need to know about SGLT-2 inhibitors in patients with CKD

April 26, 2019
PHILADELPHIA — Sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 (SGLT-2) inhibitors have been shown to be safe and effective second-line therapy in managing…
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VIDEO: Tips for managing neck mass, hoarseness, nosebleeds for PCPs

April 25, 2019
PHILADELPHIA — In this video from the ACP Internal Medicine Meeting, Melissa Pynnonen, MD, MSc, professor of otolaryngology at the University…
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Distinguishing different types of headaches

April 25, 2019
PHILADELPHIA — The overlap of symptoms sometimes hinders a clinician’s ability to correctly diagnose the type of headache a patient has…

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ACP Internal Medicine Meeting 2020 (Canceled)

April 23, 2020 - April 25, 2020

The meeting was canceled because of concerns about COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus.

  • Location: Los Angeles, Calif.
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