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EMR hard stop reduces repeat C. difficile testing

November 12, 2019
A hard stop clinical decision support tool embedded in the electronic medical record significantly reduced repeat Clostridioides difficile toxin…

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Multimodal intervention reduces opioid use in hospitalized patients with IBD

November 11, 2019
SAN ANTONIO — A series of interventions promoting guidance and appropriate therapy for pain management significantly reduced opioid use among…

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Researchers identify characteristics of patients treated with insulin for hyperkalemia

November 9, 2019
WASHINGTON — Study results presented at ASN Kidney Week described the characteristics of patients who were more likely to be treated with…

Q&A: High-intensity vs. low-intensity prospective audit and feedback

November 8, 2019
Prospective audit and feedback is a staple intervention used by antimicrobial stewardship programs, or ASPs, to reduce antimicrobial use and improve…

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Hemoglobin may independently predict adverse kidney events after cardiac surgery, ICU admission

November 7, 2019
WASHINGTON — Lower hemoglobin levels may be a strong and independent predictor of higher risk of major adverse kidney events within 7 days…

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Bariatric surgery fails to reduce overall health care costs among US veterans

October 30, 2019
A cohort of older veterans with obesity who underwent bariatric surgery experienced an initial drop in pharmacy-related costs when compared with…

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Kids’ treatment for acute gastroenteritis in ED depends on race, study shows

October 28, 2019
NEW ORLEANS — Children with acute gastroenteritis with dehydration receive unequal treatment in the ED because of race, according to a…

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Intervention doubled rate of appropriate continuous renal replacement therapy dosing in ICU

October 28, 2019
A series of interventions improved the rate of appropriate continuous renal replacement therapy dosing for patients hospitalized with acute kidney…

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Despite intervention, most women still prescribed opioids after cesarean delivery

October 22, 2019
Despite the implementation of protocols to reduce opioid prescriptions during hospitalizations, approximately 90% of women who underwent cesarean…

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PD program for unplanned renal replacement therapy reduced central venous catheter use

October 21, 2019
A program that provided specific processes to support the initiation of PD in urgent and unplanned situations reduced both central venous catheter…


How common is pneumococcal urinary antigen testing?

October 16, 2019
Despite guidelines recommending its use, pneumococcal urinary antigen testing, or UAT, is not performed often in the United States, even though it…

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Charlson Comorbidity Index score may help predict hospital readmission for patients on dialysis

October 16, 2019
Among patients who received maintenance dialysis, those who had higher Charlson Comorbidity Index scores were more likely to have unplanned 30-day…

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Reimbursement policies increase noninvasive cardiac testing in hospitals, costs

October 14, 2019
Medicare reimbursement policies that provide higher payments to hospitals than provider-based office settings for noninvasive cardiac tests lead to…

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Mobility impairment during hospitalization for MI may predict functional decline

October 7, 2019
Impaired mobility during hospitalization for acute MI may be a risk factor for functional decline among older patients who survived the event…

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Cefiderocol noninferior to high-dose meropenem in phase 3 trial for nosocomial pneumonia

October 4, 2019
WASHINGTON — Cefiderocol, a novel siderophore cephalosporin, was noninferior to high-dose meropenem for the primary endpoint of all-cause…

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CAUTI rates decline after case definition revision, value-based incentive programs

September 25, 2019
The concurrent employment of a federal value-based incentive program, coupled with the revision of the surveillance case definition for…

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‘The gray zone’: Discussing treatment options for extremely premature infants

Infectious Diseases in Children, September 2019
Advances in science and medicine have dramatically improved the odds of survival for premature infants. However, these babies continue to face

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Nearly 25% of maternal deaths in US are sepsis related

September 18, 2019
According to research published in JAMA, nearly one-quarter of all maternal deaths in the United States from 2013 to 2016 were related to sepsis…

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Postoperative opioid prescription fill rate 7 times higher in US, Canada vs. Sweden

September 12, 2019
The rate of postoperative opioid prescriptions filled was seven times higher in the United States and Canada than in Sweden, according to a study…

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Post-acute care spending higher among Medicare beneficiaries vs. commercially insured patients

September 11, 2019
Spending on post-acute care for multiple medical and surgical conditions was 68% to 230% higher among Medicare beneficiaries compared with…