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Statins may lower risk of death in dementia

July 9, 2019
Using statins was significantly associated with a decreased risk for mortality in dementia patients, according to research presented at the European…

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Metformin may ‘substantially lower’ dementia risk in older blacks

July 8, 2019
African Americans within the Veterans Affairs health system who were older than 50 years and treated with metformin for their diabetes had a much…

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Multimorbidity accelerates cognitive decline in older adults

June 28, 2019
Multimorbidity using a validated index weighted to physical functioning was linked to faster decline in global cognition and verbal memory over time…

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Functional status commonly declines within 6 months of starting dialysis

June 27, 2019
Forty percent of older patients with ESKD experienced functional decline within 6 months after initiating dialysis, according to a recently published…

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Simple tools used in cognitive assessment visits enable PCPs to diagnose dementia

June 27, 2019
Dementia-related tools common to several medical societies and organizations that can be used by primary care physicians in diagnosing dementia…

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Dialysis improves some quality of life measures for older, frail patients vs. conservative management

June 26, 2019
Although worsening frailty impacted older patients with ESKD similarly whether treated with dialysis or conservative management, certain quality of…


Alzheimer’s Association, others provide tips on how to discuss cognitive function, falls

June 25, 2019
Elderly patients are at increased risk for cognitive decline and falls, yet these occurrences are often not brought up during appointments by either…

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New evidence supports inverse association between cancer, Alzheimer’s

June 24, 2019
Older adults with incident cancer had higher memory function and slower memory decline before and after their diagnosis than similarly aged…

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Older women with osteoporosis, multiple comorbidities have high probability of hip fracture

June 17, 2019
Women aged 80 and older with osteoporosis and substantial comorbidity have a high 5-year probability of hip fracture and may still benefit from drug…

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Customized, self-managed asthma intervention improves outcomes in older adults

June 12, 2019
Older adults with asthma who received interventions specific to their needs and barriers experienced improvements in asthma outcomes, quality of life…

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Sodium polystyrene sulfonate use tied to increased risk for adverse GI events

June 11, 2019
Sodium polystyrene sulfonate, a common treatment for hyperkalemia, was associated with an increased risk for serious adverse gastrointestinal events…

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Ertugliflozin, oral semaglutide produce positive results in type 2 diabetes

June 11, 2019
SAN FRANCISCO — The SGLT2 inhibitor ertugliflozin and an oral version of the GLP-1 receptor agonist semaglutide demonstrated favorable results…

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Flu-related hospitalization rates, risk for death increase with age among elderly

June 10, 2019
Among adults aged 65 years or older, increasing age was associated with higher rates of influenza-related hospitalizations and higher risk for death…

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Cognitive impairment confers poor outcomes in older patients with ACS

June 5, 2019
Patients with ACS aged at least 75 years with cognitive impairment had elevated risk for mortality and rehospitalization after 3 months, according to…

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Alzheimer’s drug may help treat opioid addiction

June 5, 2019
Galantamine may also someday help treat opioid addiction, according to results published in The American Journal on Addictions. “Galantamine…

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Phase 2 study shows promising results for C. difficile vaccine

June 3, 2019
An investigational vaccine for the prevention of Clostridioides difficile infection was safe, well-tolerated and immunogenic in healthy…

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Higher step count significantly associated with lower mortality in older women

May 30, 2019
A recent study found that a step count of 4,400 steps per day was associated with significantly lower mortality among older women compared with 2,700…

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Cholinesterase inhibitor plus memantine yields neurological benefits for patients with Alzheimer’s

May 29, 2019
PHILADELPHIA — For patients with Alzheimer’s disease, adding memantine to cholinesterase inhibitor therapy reduced neuropsychiatric…


Mediterranean diet: What you need to know

May 28, 2019
May is Mediterranean Diet Month, according to the American Diabetes Association’s Facebook page. The diet, with its high intakes of cereals…

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App encouraging physical activity shows early, but unsustained promise

May 24, 2019
An app designed to increase physical activity in inactive women showed early promise in achieving its objective; however, the use of the app for an…