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Understanding and approaching feeding disorders in children with autism

January 24, 2020
Pediatric feeding disorders are common in children with autism, and medical issues associated with these disorders could be overlooked due to…

Top stories in gastroenterology: Ibsrela improves symptoms of IBS subtype, Remicade best for biologic-naive ulcerative colitis

January 24, 2020
One of the top stories in gastroenterology last week showed that Ibsrela reduced abdominal symptoms like bloating, cramping and fullness in patients…

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Systemic sclerosis linked to higher risk for gastrointestinal bleeding

January 21, 2020
Patients with systemic sclerosis are at a significantly higher risk for gastrointestinal bleeding compared with those without the disease, according…

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Smoking linked to renal involvement in immunoglobulin A vasculitis

January 20, 2020
Among patients with immunoglobulin A vasculitis, smoking is associated with renal involvement, while generalized purpura and pretreatment…

Top stories in gastroenterology: Risk factors for gastric intestinal metaplasia, guidelines on managing it

January 17, 2020
A study that identified risk factors for gastric intestinal metaplasia was one of the top stories in gastroenterology last week. The American…


Expert raises awareness of misunderstood GI symptoms following Pat Sajak’s health scare

January 13, 2020
Tonight, Jan. 13, Pat Sajak is expected to make his permanent return to Wheel of Fortune. The 73-year-old’s hosting schedule had been sporadic…

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IBD associated with gestational diabetes, other poor pregnancy outcomes

January 10, 2020
Pregnant women with inflammatory bowel disease were more likely to have a cesarean delivery and experience certain adverse pregnancy outcomes…

Intestinal ultrasound monitors therapeutic response in IBD, inpatient opioids tied to future use — top stories in gastroenterology

January 10, 2020
Researchers found that using an intestinal ultrasound to assess bowel wall thickness can help monitor treatment response in patients with ulcerative…


Guest commentary: Single use duodenoscopes – niche or necessity?

January 7, 2020
In this guest commentary, Tyler M. Berzin, MD, co-director of GI Endoscopy at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, and

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Infections caused 13% of cancers in 2018

January 6, 2020
In 2018, infections were the cause of 13% of all new cancer diagnoses, totaling 2.2 million new cases worldwide, although these totals do not include…

Does anti-TNF alpha impact some patients’ cancer risk? Read the week’s top stories in gastroenterology

January 3, 2020
Among the top stories in gastroenterology last week included findings showing anti-TNF alpha therapy is not linked to recurrent or new primary…

Top stories in gastroenterology: Mnemonic device helps comanage Crohn’s, inequalities found in C. difficile tests

December 27, 2019
Healio recently spoke with an expert about a mnemonic device that can assist in comanaging enterocutaneous fistulas in Crohn’s disease. This…

Which test is more cost-effective for colorectal cancer screening? Read the week’s top stories in gastroenterology

December 20, 2019
A meta-analysis concluded that both annual and biennial fecal immunochemical tests are as effective at detecting colorectal cancer and were more…

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Diet as therapy for IBD remains hindered by knowledge gaps

December 13, 2019
ORLANDO — As patients with Crohn’s disease seek guidance on how to handle their condition, there remains a knowledge gap regarding what…

Marijuana helps with constipation, replacing coffee with water reduces reflux — top stories in gastroenterology

December 13, 2019
A study that found people who reported recent use of marijuana were less like to experience constipation was the week’s top story in…

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FIT more cost-effective than colonoscopy for CRC screening

December 10, 2019
Despite some drawback, both annual and biennial fecal immunochemical tests are as effective at detecting colorectal cancer while being more…

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FDA approves Avsola, fourth Remicade biosimilar

December 6, 2019
The FDA has approved the fourth biosimilar to infliximab, infliximab-axxq, for all eligible indications of the biologic product. Avsola…

Top stories in gastroenterology: Low-volume bowel prep, peroral endoscopic myotomy, and more

December 6, 2019
The results of a new metanalysis that compared low-volume, split-dose bowel preparations and high-volume preparations was the top story in…

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RA increases risk for CV disease, sleep apnea, venous thromboembolism

December 5, 2019
Patients with inflammatory bowel disease, type 1 diabetes and venous thromboembolism have an increased risk for rheumatoid arthritis, which in turn…

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VIDEO: Joseph A. Bocchini Jr., MD, discusses dangers of travel infections abroad

November 24, 2019
NEW YORK — In this video, Joseph A. Bocchini Jr., MD, professor and chairman of the department of pediatrics at Louisiana State University…