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Top stories in gastroenterology: Risk factors for gastric intestinal metaplasia, guidelines on managing it

January 17, 2020

Expert raises awareness of misunderstood GI symptoms following Pat Sajak’s health scare

January 13, 2020
Tonight, Jan. 13, Pat Sajak is expected to make his permanent return to Wheel of Fortune. The 73-year-old’s hosting schedule had been sporadic recently as he…
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IBD associated with gestational diabetes, other poor pregnancy outcomes

January 10, 2020
Pregnant women with inflammatory bowel disease were more likely to have a cesarean delivery and experience certain adverse pregnancy outcomes, according to study…

Intestinal ultrasound monitors therapeutic response in IBD, inpatient opioids tied to future use — top stories in gastroenterology

January 10, 2020
Researchers found that using an intestinal ultrasound to assess bowel wall thickness can help monitor treatment response in patients with ulcerative colitis. This was…
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