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Financial conflicts common among authors of CBD studies, suggesting potential for bias

March 16, 2020
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Seizure control greater with prescription vs. artisanal CBD in pediatric epilepsy

February 27, 2020
Pediatric patients with epilepsy treated with pharmaceutical CBD had better seizure control than those treated with artisanal CBD, according to findings from a…
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Depression, anxiety, trauma linked to cannabis use in pregnancy

February 19, 2020
Women with anxiety, depression and trauma were more likely to use cannabis during pregnancy, according to research published in JAMA Network Open. “Although the…
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Horseback riding, mental exercises improve motor skills in children with autism, ADHD

February 13, 2020
Researchers reported that horseback riding, combined with mental exercises, positively impacted the motor skills of children and adolescents diagnosed with autism, ADHD…
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