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Program in Kenyan family planning clinics connects at-risk women to PrEP

Program in Kenyan family planning clinics connects at-risk women to PrEP
September 20, 2019

Panel advises against giving young kids flavored or plant-based milks

September 19, 2019
Despite efforts in recent years to improve healthy beverage intake among young children, many kids still do not consume enough healthy drinks to support their…
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Investigation into vaping-related lung injuries intensifies

September 19, 2019
As the number of confirmed and probable cases of lung injury associated with electronic cigarette use, or vaping, surges, CDC, FDA and state health departments have…
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‘The gray zone’: Discussing treatment options for extremely premature infants

Infectious Diseases in Children, September 2019
Advances in science and medicine have dramatically improved the odds of survival for premature infants. However, these babies continue to face significant challenges
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Survival of extremely low-birth-weight infants improves, but lifelong challenges remain

Infectious Diseases in Children, September 2019
In the United States, the anticipated mortality rate for infants weighing less than 500 g who were born in the 1980s was nearly 100%, according to researchers. In the…
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Respiratory Syncytial Virus: Spectrum of Clinical Manifestations and Complications in Children

Pediatric Annals, September 2019, Volume 48 Issue 9
Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is the leading cause of lower respiratory tract infection in infants and young…
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The Importance of HPV Vaccination Beyond Cervical Cancer Prevention: Harnessing the Latest Evidence to Improve Vaccine Uptake

This activity is supported by an educational grant from Merck & Co., Inc.

Human papillomavirus (HPV)-related, non-cervical cancers are on the rise in the United States, especially in males…
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VIDEO: ‘Increasing interest’ in universal CMV screening in NICUs

November 21, 2018
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