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Hospital's resource burden reveals magnitude of 2014 enterovirus D68 outbreak

January 21, 2016
Based on patient volumes, respiratory treatments and staffing needs, the magnitude of the 2014 enterovirus D68 outbreak was much greater than…

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ACP, CDC urge physicians to stop prescribing antibiotics for common respiratory infections

January 19, 2016
Noting the public health threat of antibiotic resistance, and the role antibiotics play in medication-related adverse events, physicians associated…

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Close contact between elephants, humans leads to multispecies TB outbreak

January 7, 2016
The investigation of an Oregon zoo has uncovered an outbreak of tuberculosis affecting at least seven people and three elephants, according to data…

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Fewer Synagis doses maintain RSV protection for infants

January 6, 2016
An abbreviated regimen of Synagis effectively protected at-risk infants against respiratory syncytial virus hospitalization, according to data in a…

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Nasal passage bacteria may help prevent pneumonia, ear infections

January 6, 2016
Corynebacterium accolens, a benign lipid-requiring bacterium, hydrolyzes skin surface triacylglycerols, releasing free fatty acids that inhibit…

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Interventions prevent smoking relapse in postpartum women, fail to reduce smoke exposure in children

January 4, 2016
A recent meta-analysis showed that parent-targeted interventions did not reduce tobacco smoke exposure in children, although they did prevent smoking…

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CMV linked to bronchopulmonary dysplasia in low-birth-weight infants

December 28, 2015
Postnatal cytomegalovirus infection among infants born weighing less than 1,500 g increased their risk for developing bronchopulmonary dysplasia…

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BCG vaccine demonstrates long-lasting effectiveness

December 28, 2015
Recent data showed the bacille Calmette-Guérin vaccine reduced the risk for tuberculosis after 40 years of vaccination, suggesting the vaccine…

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Children with neurological disorders at greater risk for respiratory infections

December 23, 2015
Hospitalization rates and death rates related to respiratory infection were higher among children with neurological conditions, compared with…

White House releases plan to counter MDR-TB

December 22, 2015
The White House has released a report outlining the government’s plan to reduce the global spread of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis during…

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Delayed antibiotic prescription leads to similar symptom severity, duration

December 22, 2015
Strategies to delay prescriptions for antibiotics were associated with clinically similar symptom duration and burden as well as reduced antibiotic…

TB exposure in California maternity ward puts 350 newborns at risk

December 14, 2015
A nurse with active tuberculosis may have exposed 350 infants to the infectious disease at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center in San Jose, California…

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Progressive periorbital swelling, discomfort in 3-year-old male

Infectious Diseases in Children, December 2015
James H. Brien, DO
A 3-year-old male presents with progressive right periorbital swelling and discomfort. The problem began with the onset of an upper respiratory…

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Pediatric pneumonia most commonly caused by viral infections

December 11, 2015
Cases of community-acquired pneumonia were most commonly the result of viral infections, particularly respiratory syncytial virus, among children and…

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Early administration of antibiotics helps prevent severe lower respiratory infection in children

December 8, 2015
According to recent research in JAMA, azithromycin administered at the first sign of a cold in children with a history of respiratory tract…

TB Alliance announces first-ever fixed-dose TB drug designed for children

December 2, 2015
TB Alliance and partners recently announced the availability of the world’s first fixed-dose combination tuberculosis medications designed…

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Motavizumab reduces RSV hospitalizations in Native American infants

November 30, 2015
The use of motavizumab significantly reduced hospitalizations for respiratory syncytial virus in healthy Native American infants, according to recent…

Case Challenge

A 12-Month-Old Boy with a Soft Mass Over His Left 10th Rib

Pediatric Annals, November 2015, Volume 44 Issue 11
Each month, this department features a discussion of an unusual diagnosis. A description and images are presented, followed by the diagnosis and an…

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Pediatric liver recipients display greater prevalence of RSV, influenza

November 19, 2015
SAN FRANCISCO — Vaccine-preventable diseases occur in 20% of pediatric liver transplant recipients, a rate nearly 66 times greater than that…

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Toddler with extensively drug-resistant TB treated into remission

November 16, 2015
A patient aged 2 years, who developed pneumonia after returning to the United States from a trip to India, was diagnosed with extensively…